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Wonder covers everything pop culture and style. It exists to spark conversations about what men, women and everyone in between care about, from fashion to grooming, career to sex and relationships, pop culture to self-care—including things we’re sometimes too shy or find hard to talk about.


As a brand, we value authenticity, human experience and truth-telling as we document stories of people, cultures, places and things that inspire. All that is developed into a platform that encourages openness and a little bit of humor, change and creativity, one that incites Wonder.


Illustrations by Fets Fetalver

Sarah Santiago, Business Head & EIC


Calm & Domesticated AF


Work experience includes, TV and events but mostly media and publishing. Switched to marketing for a telco brand somewhere in between, but back to doing what I do best: content and magazines.

Adie Pieraz, Associate & Features Editor


Made of sarcasm and expletives


Did three years for an economics degree, rewarded myself with three years in the insurance biz. Entered this world as a freelance writer for entertainment and news, now making a living on movies, intimate interviews and the hush-hush of relationships.

Nicole Blanco Ramos, Fashion & Politics Lead


Sometimes a stylist, sometimes a writer, powered by coffee.

Cessi Trenas, Beauty & Music Lead


Part-time rowdy ruff girl, full-time (fan)girl.

Elisa Aquino, Features Writer


Visual Storyteller


Explored the entertainment industry in my early 20s, eventually found my voice by telling people’s stories. Finding joy in writing about empathy, beauty and literature. Always a photographer.

Kai Franco


No-filter caffeine fiend raised by social media. Only here for the vibes.

Alexandra Lara, Art Director


Agit In Perpetuum


Time Lord. Jedi. Hobbit. Graphic artist and occasional art director on default panic mode with an obsession for sushi and Brandon Sanderson.

Fets Fetalver, Junior Graphic Artist


Libra Sun, Taurus Moon, Gemini Rising.

Stans 80s Slashers & A24 films.

Maris Camaya, CMS Admin


Valar morghulis

Engineering graduate turned CMS Admin. Belongs to the 4th house of the Zodiac by day, and to House Stark by night.

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