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We may disagree with a lot, but there are things that tie us after all.

Our favorite beauty discoveries during an especially hectic February: Face Republic and Beauty by LazMall

Greta Gerwig gives her take on Louisa May Alcott’s classic

The trailblazing boy group flexes some serious gender-bending muscle

It’s a rom-com that begins and ends like one  Warning: Spoilers ahead. To All The Boys P.S. I Still Love You begins like most romance movies do: a montage of a girl getting ready for her first-ever real date. This is

Being in love is great, but have you ever had a list of heartbreak songs curated for you by some of OPM’s best?

How the singer-songwriter found love in all the right places  It’s okay to feel feelings. Leila takes interest in my phone's graphic wallpaper before our exchange, quite fitting for life, as she now knows it. After years of feigning self-confidence—inherently struggling

Where the DC movie wins and where it’s lacking, and the hope for a better sequel

A day in the life of the emerging designer who took home the coveted grand prize at the Designer Mentorship Program

Everything’s a little funnier in hindsight. Here, real people share their bad date stories

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