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Time Lord. Jedi. Hobbit. Graphic artist and occasional art director on default panic mode with an obsession for sushi and Brandon Sanderson.

A mom found the perfect pair of brow products that can withstand any situation—even childbirth—for less than 500 pesos!

From “Malcolm & Marie” to “Don’t Look Up” and “Red Notice”

A recap of worthwhile fashion news, new releases and updates

It’s become an unexpected safe space for sex ed discussions on the internet

There is a lot of unlearning for us to do—and it begins with understanding the difference between moisture and hydration (and why you need both)

An exciting collab that will take you on a trip (mentally, for now)

EXO KAI’s EP is solid proof that you don’t have to be a group’s vocalist to debut solo and stick the landing

How Trump got himself banned from Twitter, Facebook, and Insta      This is #TheViewFromAmerica:   Wednesday, January 6th started pretty great by the standards of most non-Trump supporting Americans. The first Georgia senate run-off race was called in favor of Democrat, Reverend Raphael Warnock,

 The Spanish fashion house has immortalized Hayao Miyazaki’s 1988 masterpiece

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