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Time Lord. Jedi. Hobbit. Graphic artist and occasional art director on default panic mode with an obsession for sushi and Brandon Sanderson.

Treat yourself and make the most out of payday with these Shopee sale hacks, guaranteed to bring you awesome deals and discounts.

The relationship between NFTs and art is still complicated and continuously developing.

With cases still on the rise, we’re shifting our career hunting to the online space

Olivia Rodrigo might be a global pop phenomenon, but she's just like any 18-year-old underneath it all.

From Magnum’s dairy-free vegan alternative to Grab’s summer steals, here’s a roundup of fun summer treats for you

I watched all the movies, read the books and saw it with my own two eyes: having straight guy friends brought a unique kind of fun to the table.

Rather than replace meals, Trizie's gut-cleansing fiber drinks are formulated to complement a balanced diet.

With everyone learning, working and doing everything from home, getting in the zone is tougher than ever

“If you are guided by principles and good values and motivated correctly, then you will go far and you will be able to sustain it”

Will League of Legends fans, players and theorists be getting more answers? Or will Arcane have its viewers asking more questions once it drops?

Your presence taught me that there are certain people who are meant to stay in our lives even with the most unconventional beginnings.

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