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Do you have what it takes to be the next global Filipino star? Ready For The World (“RFTW”) is the only platform in the Philippines that discovers, trains, and sharpens Filipino artists to prepare them for the rigors of becoming music and media stars in the digital age. RFTW seeks to unearth the next favorite contemporary Filipino artists and songs––with the goal of putting them on a journey towards potential global stardom.


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Join Ready for the World in four steps!

Step 1: Fill out the Application Form below

Step 2: Upload the requirements for your entry

Step 3: Read and agree to the Terms & Conditions 

Step 4: Click Submit

Are you a Filipino citizen?


Are you applying as a solo artist, duo, or group?


Do you write and perform your own original music?


On a scale of 1-10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, how knowledgeable are you in the following process?

Arranging your own music?

Producing your own music?

Recording your own music?

Do you have any currently released song?


Are you currently signed as a recording artist or tied to any record label or talent management company?


If yes please specify what record label:

Please provide links to your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Spotify).

Upload the lyrics (in .pdf format) and recording (in .mp3 format - total size must not exceed 8MB) of your UNRELEASED original composition that will serve as your entry to the show.

IMPORTANT File Name should be in this format: RFTW ARTIST - SONG TITLE (example: RFTW Ruby Ibarra - Always Be My Maybe.mp3).

Please record a video of you performing your submitted original track, upload it on YouTube (make sure it is Unlisted) and paste the link below.

Reminder: For applicants not based in Manila, please note that the callbacks, screening and other activities will be held in Manila. Flights, transportation and accommodations will be care of the applicant.


Frequently Asked Questions


How many songs can be submitted? 

You can submit one (1) to two (2) original and unpublished songs only.


I don’t solely own the rights to the song, I have a co-writer. Can I still apply? 

Yes, however if you are selected as a participant, you and your co-writer/s need to sign a release form giving the producers permission to use the song and agree to any and all terms regarding rights and splits on the song.


I have a band and we all co-wrote the song. Can we all apply? 

Yes. Solo, duos, and groups are eligible to apply See question 2. 


I don’t have an mp3 of my song, is the live video of my performance acceptable? 

An mp3 is required although raw, demo recordings in a different audio format are acceptable as long as RFTW is able to access and play them.    


Can I submit an unfinished song?

No, unfinished songs will not be accepted. 


Am I allowed to enter songs that have been entered into other songwriting competitions? 

Yes, as long as it is unreleased/unpublished and it does not have any legally binding obligation to any individual or record label/management, or organizer of the other competitions concerning the ownership and intellectual property rights of the song entry/s. But, fresh songs are highly encouraged.


Can bands/groups apply? If so, how do we input the name? 

Yes. (The application form will be updated to include a type box for this)


Should the songs be unreleased? 

All original music compositions submitted should be unreleased and unpublished.


What if I’m not a songwriter? 

All submissions must be original music compositions that are unreleased and unpublished. Applicants must also have a working knowledge on arranging, recording, and producing music.


Can I still join even if I’m signed under a management/record label? 

Yes. The RFTW Program is open to all Filipino singer-songwriters of all ages who are currently active in the music scene.


Is it a contest? / What type of show is it?

RFTW is a program that will discover, train, and sharpen Filipino singer-songwriters to prepare them for the rigors of becoming music and media stars in the digital age. It is a music series that consists of reality, variety and competition format and will also produce and market a music mixtape featuring the RFTW artists and their original musical compositions. 


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