Cop These 2023 Planners to Jumpstart Productivity

Cop These 2023 Planners to Jumpstart Productivity

Get your shit together with these essential planners



Whether you’re ticking off items from your to-do list, keeping up with your finances or journaling all while extending gratitude, there’s no doubt that a physical planner makes everything more organized. And if keeping tabs with your planners has always been part of your New Year’s resolutions—and you've been failing quite miserably—maybe this time, this habit will actually stick. 


For the year ahead, get your shit together with these minimalist planners (that’s not your annual limited-edition Starbucks organizer). Organize your days and jumpstart productivity with picks from Cada Dia, Linya-Linya, Beam Projects and more. These make for some practical last-minute gifting, too! 


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Cada Dia Dated Planner (P849)

Maximize productivity with Cada Dia’s selection of full-year dated planners available in four classic colors: Apricot, Lilac, Midnight and Stone. These look pretty good for a quick flatlay, too! If you need more reason to cop it, features include: 12 Monthly Calendars, Monthly Realignment Page, Spacious Quadrant Weekly Spreads, Quarterly Goals Setting Page, Vision Board, plus a Current Self and Future Self Reflection Spread. You can also store loose notes, receipts and other memorabilia in the back pocket!   


It’s time for a spontaneous checkout as these are currently on sale!  



And if you’re feeling quite noncommittal, the undated half-year planner (P449) may just be the one for you. Meanwhile, if you perform better on your trusty iPad, tablet or laptop, this Cada Dia 2023 Digital Planner (P499) might just be a lifesaver. 



Shop the Cada Dia Planners via and on Shopee


Sunnies Agenda 2023 (P595)

Introducing the kick-ass Sunnies Agenda 2023, your go-to wellness companion for the year ahead. Take note of healthy habits to observe, and stay on track with your monthly goals and day-to-day activities. Think meditation, mindful movement and lots of self-care to maximize your productivity and personal growth. 



Plus, you get exclusive vouchers for Sunnies Studios, Sunnies Face, Cup Point and more!



Shop the Sunnies 2023 Agenda on Shopee. 


Para Sa Sarili Naman Ngayon: The Linya-Linya Self-Love Guidebook (P1,199)

Linya-Linya’s Self-Love Guidebook reminds you that there’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first for the days ahead. With regular check-ins and prompts about your life goals and lots of room to journal, 2023 is bound to be a year where you champion yourself. 



Shop the Para Sa Sarili Naman Ngayon: The Linya-Linya Self-Love Guidebook via and on Shopee.


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Art + Collectibles: A Planner Without Plans Yet (P750)

Here’s one for the overthinkers! Introducing the undated, no-pressure A Planner Without Plans Yet for year-round use. Last-minute plans? No problem. It’s time for a clean slate! With monthly calendars and weekly spreads, you can organize your schedule however you like.



Shop A Planner Without Plans via


Beam Projects Agenda Neue (P1,550)

Thoughtfully created by all-around creative Bea Marquez, Beam Project’s date-free, minimalist planner Agenda Neue is now available in two new colorways: Dune and Moss. Simple, no-fuss amd practical, the date-free layout lets you start anytime—best for those who have *commitment* issues. It’s thoughtfully Smyth sewn, too, with a revealing spine that lays flat on your desk.



Shop Agenda Neue via and Frankie General Store.


MUJI Planners (starting at P145)

MUJI’s planners are anything but ordinary! Choose the right type for your personal work style—and budget. From Monthly/Weekly Planners to a Desk Calendar and even a Wall Calendar, keep track of important dates and jot down reminders. And for the full experience, write down your to-do list using the Japanese retailer’s vibrant gel pens and decorate with their kawaii washi tapes.



Shop Muji planners via and


If we’re being honest, we may not have our shit together just yet, but a planner is one step closer.



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Photos Cada Dia, Sunnies, Linya-Linya, Art Plus Collectibles, Beam Projects, MUJI  

Art Macky Arquilla


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