5 Honest Spoken Word Pieces For The Brokenhearted

5 Honest Spoken Word Pieces For The Brokenhearted

For those times you can’t voice out your own feelings



Sometimes our feelings can get overwhelming and we’re left in this space that’s daunting, scary and lonely. Sometimes the jumble in our heads and the pang in our stomachs are at a war that leaves no room for words and logic. Sometimes we’re left in a situation that we never expected, asked for or wanted. It leaves our minds in a muddled mess and we’re left grasping for a breath.



In those moments, it might be best let others speak for us and take comfort in the fact that our burdens aren’t exactly solitary.

Dear Ex Lover
Jasmine Mans


We laughed like our smiles
were the only ones that mattered in

this world.

And we hurt like women who loved


who loved people that did not love us.



Because we were all innocent once and we believed that (young) love could conquer all. We drowned ourselves in the new feeling of holding hands, sweet kisses and walks after school. And then came the time when we all had to swallow the bitter pill that proved love wasn’t enough. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do but accept it and hope whatever wrong that happened can be corrected eventually.


Sa Pagitan Ka Natagpuan
Maimai Cantillano


Natagpuan kita sa pigitan ng laban at


nakikipagdigma sa tadhana dahil
ang sabi mo, iyon ang tama.


Because we’ve all been through the honeymoon phase—where every quirk is adorable and every habit is endearing—and we know what happens after. We know what it’s like to be at a crossroad between fighting for someone and giving up. Because we understand that fighting might mean endless scars and a constant weight on our shoulders we never asked for, but that giving up means leaving behind a reason to smile in the morning.


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The Type
Sarah Kay



Woman, if you grow up the type men
want to love, you can let them love


Being loved is not the same thing as


Because the world is a cruel place—and they can call us hypersensitive—but we can’t help but sometimes lose ourselves in the negative opinion of others. We question our value after years of disappointment and loss. And when these times creep up from underneath us like a tide, coming out of nowhere and everywhere at once, we need reminding that we’re worthy and that we owe nothing to anyone.


Neil Hilborn


How can it be a mistake
that I don’t have to wash my hands
after I touched her?
Love is not a mistake,
and it’s killing me that she can run

away from this
and I just can’t.



Because just as we begin to understand that being alone doesn’t mean being lonely, someone comes into our lives and shows us exactly what we’ve been missing. Suddenly our embarrassing little secrets are adored by someone whose smile makes us happy and whose laugh makes us the long days seem worth it. And because even if they leave almost as unexpectedly as they arrived, we can revel in the fact that the feelings were real and—more importantly—possible.


More Often Than Sometimes
Shane Koyczan


We loved like two
hit-men hellbent
on assassinating
Her orgasm was a
wet gremlin
multiplying itself into



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Because being brokenhearted doesn’t always come in phases—sometimes it comes in moments. When a song reminds us of prom night, or a movie reminds us of a first kiss, or a road takes us back to when his hand first reached for ours, missing them can sometimes become too overwhelming again.


When things start to feel like too much to handle, it helps to know that others feel or have felt the same way. It isn’t necessarily a case of misery loves company, but is more about knowing that company is out there even when we feel our loneliest.



Art Alexandra Lara

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