5 Ways to Begin Healing Your Inner Child

5 Ways to Begin Healing Your Inner Child

This Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s upgrade our self-care routines by exploring ways to heal our inner children



Mental Health Awareness Month is here! And even if we’ve come to a point where prioritizing ourselves and our healing are promoted and celebrated all year round, we’re spotlighting someone who may not have been getting enough TLC—our inner child. Yes, they’re somewhere in there! 


But who exactly is our “inner child” and why do we need to heal them? Our inner child is the manifestation of the childhood traumas we’ve experienced at some point in our lives. Whether it be an uncomfortable memory of vulnerability or an experience of abandonment and feeling unsafe, it’s all these bits and pieces from our childhood cooped up inside of us that are just waiting to be heard. It’s through carefully listening and caring for the little voice inside of us that we get to understand who we are and come to terms with aspects of our lives that we never even realized affected us before. Although we may not know what specific trauma lies within us, it’s part of the process to unpack these realizations and reflections as we go along.


Now this sounds like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be! Healing your inner child isn’t supposed to look like a walk down trauma lane—it’s more of a stroll in the park with bursts of fun and laughter along the way! So if you’re ready to begin your self-discovery journey, we’ve listed down five simple ways to begin healing your inner child.


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Listen to music you haven’t heard in a while

There’s just something so soothing and exciting about hearing a song you haven’t listened to in a while. Whether it be your favorite artist from back when you were little to a random tune you’d forgotten ever existed, there’s a sort of magic that comes with the nostalgia of listening to old tracks you used to sing your heart out to. Somehow, this moment of rediscovery can heal you in more ways than you know—cue the unexpected tears as a montage of childhood memories flash before your very eyes. It’s an experience that makes life a little sweeter and your inner child a little happier.



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Explore a new skill you’ve always wanted to try

You probably have at least one thing you’ve always dreamed of trying to do. Whether it be learning how to dance, figure skate or speak a new language, fulfilling some of your childhood “what ifs” is one of the best ways to reconnect with your inner child who’s yearned for an experience like this for decades. Experiencing the learning curve and growing in this new skill is part of the journey to self-discovery and healing the parts of you that have always wanted to have an opportunity to try something new and “just do it.” It’s refreshing and exhilarating, and definitely something you can either do on your own or with some friends and family to make it all the more memorable!



Visit an arcade

Whether you were a Timezone or Quantum kid growing up, one thing for sure is that arcades bring a lot of fond memories to mind. Revisiting some of the places where you got to create the best moments as a child can rekindle some emotions you’ve forgotten how to feel as you’ve grown older and out of touch with these memories. But not to worry, they’re not gone forever! Now go on and reload that Timezone card buried deep in your wallet and don’t forget your token and ticket bag; it’s time to hit the arcade and remind your inner child what it’s like to have some fun!



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Try an arts and crafts class

Remember when arts and crafts day on a Tuesday afternoon was the class you would look forward to in the week? Well, if there’s one thing you have got to miss about your childhood, it has to be the inexplicable joy of creating something of your own and getting all messy in the process. As we’ve grown up, mess becomes less a part of our vocabulary and rarely do we get to make anything we want to create. So do your inner child a favor and try reconnecting with your creative side! Whether it be going to a pottery class, a painting workshop or a baking studio, just remember there are no rules to creating—trust us, your inner child will thank you for it! 



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Reconnect with old friends

People grow in and out of relationships all the time—and we don’t just mean the romantic ones! Friendships nurtured in our youth carry bittersweet memories that sit right in the center of our inner child’s heart, and whether you’ve been able to keep these friendships until today or have lost some of them along the way, it may be time to reconnect and reminisce with these old friends you’ve treasured in your life. It can be as simple as shooting them a DM and asking them how they’ve been or sharing a fond memory you have with them—anything goes! And as you find that tinge of melancholy hit just the right spot, little would you have known that you’ve begun healing more than just your own inner child in this moment.



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Take your inner child on a date this Mental Health Awareness Month and see the magic that a little self-care can do for your inner peace. Remember, having difficult conversations is not the only way to begin healing childhood trauma. Sometimes, all it takes is a moment of pure joy to remember what it feels like to be a kid again.



Words Vanessa Tiong 

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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