7.7 Budols Fit for the Kitchen All The Way to the Workstation

7.7 Budols Fit for the Kitchen All The Way to the Workstation

Update your work-outdoors arsenal or kitchen space this July!



Repeating dates never held much significance and thrill until the e-commerce landscape made them days to block off. Thanks to the double-double sales, platforms like Shopee double down on the discounts so we can all shop until we drop while saving heaps. So with July’s sale days approaching soon, we list down 7.7 budols you need to cop, whether for the kitchen or the workstation.


For the Easygoing Foodie

7.7 budols, you say? Treat yourself to these fantastic, marked-down deals on important kitchen essentials.


Spray Sterilizer (P 299)


Keep the air safe and disinfected during meal prep with the Spray Sterilizer, marked down from P 959 to P 299.


Gaabor Air Fryer (P1549)


This is your sign to give into the air fryer hype. Shop the Gaboor Air Fryer for less this 7.7.


HiBrew Espresso Machine (P 4999)


Level up your daily cuppa coffee with the HIBrew Espresso Machine.


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For the Hustling Young Professional

Still working from home, or are you already going back and forth from the office? Either way, here are accessories on the go for the hustling professional. Of course, it’s not a 7.7 budol if it’s an investment.


Nordic Desk Lamp (P 459)


A lamp can also push you to finish work tasks, especially for long-haul overtime nights. So add some spice to your usual home workstation with this adorable, adjustable Nordic desk lamp.


Adjustable Gaming Chair (P 2499)


For those who still work from home for most of the work week, it’s high time to invest in a comfy chair. This gaming chair with an adjustable back makes it a great sidekick for all work tasks.


Jabra Elite 45H Headphones (P 4,918)


Cop the fashionable Jabra Elite 45h Headphones to get top-tier quality for both music and conference calls. It has wired and Bluetooth connectivity options and an enduring battery life of 50 hours on a single charge.


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For the Sleepless, Busy Student

As schools slowly shift into a hybrid setup, students return to the groove of studying outdoors. Here are 7.7 budols you definitely need in your study-outside-arsenal.


Stylus Pen (P 9)


Get a bang for your buck with this trusty stylus pen, especially for students that study religiously on tablets.


Baesus Wireless Earphones (P 649)


Get high-quality earphones without going over budget. Listen to video lectures or study with your lo-fi tunes playing with the Baesus wireless earphones.


Haylou Waterproof Smartwatch (P 1169)


Keep track of your vital health stats, workouts, daily step count and more with the Haylou Waterproof Smartwatch. Stay hands-free all day, whether studying, commuting or winding down at home.



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For more 7.7 budols, check out this list of sportswear shops for the fitness junkie in you. What are you waiting for, add-to-cart now!



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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