A Bigger, Better and Bolder Nike Glorietta Awaits

A Bigger, Better and Bolder Nike Glorietta Awaits

Nike Glorietta opens, offering a shopping experience unlike any other



Nike has a new look and it's bigger, better and bolder with the launch of Nike Glorietta. Over 800sqm in size or double the usual, the new store operated by Green Tee Inc. offers more than just apparel and footwear for men, women and kids. It’s an experience for the whole family and sports, as well as fitness enthusiasts of all ages to enjoy.


At Nike Glorietta, members can enjoy exclusive services such as Women’s First Hour, where female customers can book appointments to shop in-store. There’s also Style My Squad for friends and family shopping; as the name suggests, shoppers can get help from the store’s resident stylists to put together fresh looks for workouts, training and lounging. No time to browse or shop in-store? Nike Glorietta offers Curbside Pickup for busy and on-the-go shoppers.


A Bigger, Better and Bolder Nike Glorietta Awaits


Our favorite part? Nike Gloreitta’s focus on women’s needs. Services offered here include bra fitting (which is always a challenge, tbh) and other styling services to help women find the right product for serious workouts or casualwear.


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“A thoughtful attention has been paid to women and children to delight them with products and services that will encourage them to express themselves through dance fitness, running, yoga collection or as sneakerheads,” said Tarundeep Singh, senior director Nike Stores, Southeast Asia & India.


A Bigger, Better and Bolder Nike Glorietta Awaits


But wait, there’s more. For the performance-savvy, Nike Glorietta offers treadmill trials to test shoes before you commit or purchase. If you’re part of this market, know that 65% of this store’s products are dedicated to performance shoes (read: Vaporfly and Alphafly).


So the next time you’re in need of a pair that delivers or just looking for something cute to add to your now loungewear-filled wardrobe, you know where to go. 


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Nike Glorietta is located at 2F Glorietta 3.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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