A 101 On The Art Of Beer (Yes, There’s Such A Thing)

A 101 On The Art Of Beer (Yes, There’s Such A Thing)

Heineken gives us a crash course on draft



There are some things in life we just accept without second thought, often falling into an unspoken understanding that it’s just the way things are. The sky is blue, the grass is green and beer (like revenge) is best served cold.


The thing we often overlook is that there’s a science to these things; there’s a reason why colors appear the way they appear and there’s a reason why beer manufacturers hold certain standards to their products. We’re not joking, there are some serious secrets and recruitments going on—but more on that stuff later. First, let’s break down beer.


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The temperature


Most of us like our beer cold, but the truth is that the serving temperature actually depends on the kind of beer you’re drinking. You see, the colder the drink is, the less of its flavor you’re able to actually taste. Ideally, the general consensus is that beer is best served at around 6 degrees Celsius.


So hold the ice, finish the glass quickly and don’t order another round until you’re really ready.


The serving


Believe it or not, everything that a bartender does in serving your beer affects its flavor. From the angle of the glass to the way the liquid pours into it and the temperature of the actual glass to the angle at which your bartender skims the excess foam—any one of these things could make the difference between great and good.


This is why you won’t find certain beers just anywhere and even if you do find something like Heineken in tonight’s bar, not just anyone behind the counter can pour the drink. Those that have the privilege of serving Heineken draft beer have legitimately been trained to give you the best possible experience.


It’s actually an interesting watch. The bartender makes sure the glass is clean and pours the beer while holding the glass at a 45-degree angle. As it fills, the glass is gradually tilted until it's upright. By the time s/he skims off the excess foam, the bottom of it should hit the parallel line on the star of a Heineken glass.


heineken - glass


Sounds complicated, huh? And you thought beer was something to be tossed around.


The experience


Granted, beer is different for everyone. People say that it’s an acquired taste, but there are those of us that just never learn to acquire that taste. Others can drink it like water, others would prefer to pay a little more extra for something harder, sweeter or more colorful.


But there’s a new player in town that everyone—whether current beer lover or not—should try out. It was introduced last month at the Heineken Star Serve Bartender Finals, where one bartender proved himself best to represent the Philippines at the global finals in Amsterdam.


So everyone, meet (and start a great love story with) the Heineken Extra Cold, served at a chilling -3 degrees.



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