All The Ways To Make Mother’s Day 2020 Special At Home

All The Ways To Make Mother’s Day 2020 Special At Home

Ideas that might just bring tears to her eyes



Mother’s Day is literally this weekend. While plans and gifts for mom almost always include a nice meal out, a spa date or shopping for a gift, there’s no reason you can’t celebrate her and make her feel special at home. We’re sure you’ve picked up a new hobby or skill you can put to good use, if not, that’s fine. It’s never too late to learn, to try or to do something else altogether.

Below, ideas that will help you transform your at-home experience to something pretty amazing, it might just bring tears to her eyes.

I’m exaggerating. Whatever you do, as long as the intent behind whatever gesture is to make her feel loved, I am pretty sure she will be. (Take it from this mom who gets a little weepy when her preschooler says he gets heart eyes when he sees mom).


Techie mom

Whose mom isn’t on Netflix or dad on Facebook? Thanks to months-long sheltering, our parents have quickly adapted to life online, watching the same series we are or scrolling through social media just as often as we do. Time to maybe level up the experience with a subscription you already know she’ll like or might, like yoga classes, meditation apps or other streaming platforms where she can get her K-Drama fix.


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Breakfast in bed

This might be the oldest tip in the book, but one that never gets old. Many of us grew up to mom cooking the day’s meals, including our baon to school. There’s no better time to return the favor than now. How about making a classic omelette for breakfast served straight to bed, delivered with a side of fresh flowers from the backyard if available? But if you’re not feeling confident with your kitchen skills, here’s a two-minute foolproof guide to breakfast.


Space to breathe

Sometimes, all mom needs is some time and space to herself to relax. Set the mood by transforming the bedroom and bathroom to a spa. Light some scented candles, spritz a relaxing spray, put on soothing and spa-ish music. Make sure her worries are put to rest and offer to take on additional chores or tasks at home—not just on mother’s day but long after that. 

Skincare because you care

Who needs the spa when you can DIY? Put on that (bath)robe and whip up your own body scrub or face masks? Try your hand at these skincare alternatives you can make yourself using ingredients you can find in the kitchen. From a caffeine-based under-eye serum to a brightening turmeric face mask, we have a few tricks up our sleeve you can try. 


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Game time

How about a little family-friendly competition? Bring out your old board games—think: Scrabble, Monopoly, cards—for a fun game night with mom and the whole family. Digital versions are also available should you not have them at home. There are also plenty of other games to choose from or come up with, like quiz night featuring all of mom’s favorite food, movies, places, etc. 


Alternatively, if mom’s not into that, how about listing down activities she likes and do it with her? Like finally working on that 1000-piece puzzle or filing old photos and putting them in the family album. 


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Food & wine pairing

This is for the mom who loves eating good food and pairing it with some good vino or whatever her drink of choice. So who says you can’t have your own restaurant-quality experience at home? Try your hand at a three-course meal for mom and look for the recipes online. Check out which wine or drink it goes well with each while you’re at it. Then list down the ingredients and notes on why, say, white works better with chicken or fish, or red with red meat on tiny note cards you can share with mom as you guys dig in.


And because this will take time, we recommend doing preparations a day or two ahead and scheduling this for lunch or early dinner.


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So, which mom treat will your mom like? Have suggestions? Sound off below! Remember as with anything, it’s the intention and effort that count.


Happy Mother’s Day and cheers to all you amazing moms!



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