All The Things You Should Be Doing On GCash

All The Things You Should Be Doing On GCash

 If you aren’t on GCash yet, where have you been?


I am part of the generation that welcomed the internet age young. I remember what it was like to buy VHS tapes and go through the struggle of rewinding it, but I also learned how to download music (shh) before I learned geometry. You can say going digital is in my generation’s nature—but it isn’t a necessity in our lives either. 

Pre-pandemic, I was a believer in cash. I held physical money and saw my wallet empty as I bought and paid for things. But hey, 2020 changed us all. We went digital, and I quickly learned to rely on my choice of a digital wallet: GCash. 


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At the start, I must admit, I was pretty straightforward with what I did with GCash. It became mine and my family’s means to pay our bills and make online groceries. It helped us transform cash transactions into something a lot more pandemic-appropriate. 

But there’s so much more to it. So how does one use GCash? Let me count the ways:

Unlock GInvest

If investing is something you’re unsure of but are interested in, there’s GInsure. For as low as P50, you can get your hands on professionally-managed local and global funds. 

What’s more, GCash further eases you into it with a simple profile. Put in your sources of income, what you’re trying to get by investing and how much you’re willing to invest—and let them lead the way. 

Unlock GInsure

We live in uncertain times and while we’re slowly easing into the normal we once knew, you can never be too safe. So for that extra assurance, there’s GInsure. 

Whether you’re looking for insurance for medical emergencies (that include coverage for COVID-19!) or cash assistance, there’s help available. 

Unlock GSave and GCredit

Are you one of those people that are a little out of sight, out of mind? Then GSave might be your best bet in building up an actual~ savings account. Likewise, if you want to build up a credit score instead, there’s GCredit to explore. 

Unlock GLife

Look, there’s a lot of e-commerce sites out there—and for good reason! But it can get a little tedious to explore so many apps and websites. With GLife, all your favorites are in one place (and come with exclusive deals, too): GOMO, Gong Cha, Kraver’s, McDonald’s, Puregold and PureGO, Lazada, Recess, Boozy, Bo’s Coffee, Mama Lou’s, GawinPH, KFC, Datablitz, Cherry Shop, Gameone, Goama Games, and more.

Unlock your GCash QR On Demand

For those transactions that leave you with a little less security and you’d be more comfortable giving a QR instead of your GCash number and your full name, explore GCash QR On Demand. This new feature allows you to create a code to use to receive payments and transfers. And even if you’re expecting a little something from someone you trust, sending your code is just easier, too!


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In this day and age, it’s important to be flexible. And it’s a nice bonus when something grows and expands with you, you know? 


Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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