After Sex Hygiene: Do You Know Your Basics?

After Sex Hygiene: Do You Know Your Basics?

Don’t forget about after sex care!



Do you know what’s funny in a sad-not-hilarious way? That sex education is basically nonexistent in the Philippines. And when you finally find out where to buy and how to use condoms or birth control pills, you think you’re safe and done and wise beyond your years. But the truth is you aren’t because no one ever told you about after sex hygiene. 


So in case you don’t know it yet, please give me the privilege of being the one to say: After sex care is even more important than making sure you’re groomed and fresh and looking great before sex.



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So, when the condom is thrown and the sheets are ruffled, what are you supposed to do?



Let’s start simple: peeing after sex. 


Peeing after sex is important because the urine helps cleanse your urethra, which bacteria can get into when you're going through the literal motions of sex. So when you empty your bladder, you’re actually decreasing your chances of infection—and yes, this applies to penises just as well as vaginas.


Wash yourself

While peeing helps clean your insides, it’s important to wash everywhere else you can. The thing is, you should try to avoid the more aesthetic options like scented body wash and harsh soaps, because these will further irritate your already aggravated after-sex skin. Keep things simple: warm water and gentle soap are best. 


And men, when we mean wash, we mean all the crevices.


Wear loose clothing—or don’t wear anything

After you’ve had your fun, don’t immediately put on that tight outfit that got you into this mess in the first place. Hot and sweaty places (skin-hugging underwear, yoga shorts, etc.) are hotspots for bacteria and yeast, so opt to put on something loose and airy, if anything at all.



Clean up the toys

It’s 2022, and we have learned that even the best sex sometimes needs a little toy to mix things up. So if you (and your partner) are part of the population that likes to play, just remember to also give your toys a little wash after use, okay? Don't wait until the next time you whip them out to clean.


Dispose the disposables

If you used a condom, throw it properly—not in the toilet and not unwrapped. Remove the condom, tie the condom and throw the condom in the trash can. 


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While we’re here, let me close up with two things extra things: Women, please use feminine wash when cleaning the inner parts of your privates; men, use a moisturizer on yours (because the constant exposure can lead to dryness!). 


Now that you’ve got the basics of after sex care in your head, why not apply them? Happy humping (and cleaning)!



Art Alexandra Lara

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