From Home de Luxe to Uniqlo, Here’s Where to Get Bedsheets Online


December 9, 2021
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Here’s where to cop bedsheets online for the best sleep of your life



There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep. Trust us, the perfect bedsheets for your budget do exist! Choose from a wide selection of both budget-friendly and luxury products for uninterrupted sleep. From Home de Luxe’s 5-star quality premium bedding to IKEA’s affordable and sustainably sourced sheets, here are places to cop must-have bedsheets for the best sleep of your life!


Home de Luxe

Bringing the hotel experience home 


There’s no better feeling than snuggling in a hotel bed, with cool and crisp sheets, plus pillows fluffed to perfection, after a long day of traveling. Good thing Home de Luxe is bringing the hotel experience to every Filipino home with the leading online bedding brand’s luxury line of 5-star hotel quality bedsheets. 


Partnering with Globalinens, a major supplier of linens to over 2,000 5-star hotels in Asia, they commit themselves to sustainably crafted and hand-stitched premium products for Filipinos, from Filipinos. Choose from the brand’s diverse selection of bestselling sheet sets like the Tencel Collection, beautifully made with 500 thread count Tencel lyocell fiber woven with a rich, lustrous finish. It’s luxury you can actually feel! Drown in a silky, comforting texture, with a cooling effect on the skin, perfect for all year long. It’s even safe for sensitive, acne-prone skin!


Tencel Collection Duvet Cover Set in Shell Ivory (from P9,999)


Get the best sleep of your life with the crowd-favorite Luminous Collection, heroing rich and smooth satin sheets. Did you know that silk sheets actually have many benefits for the skin and hair? It helps your body retain moisture, plus minimizes wrinkles from sleeping. It even regulates the body’s temperature! It’s also worth mentioning that Home de Luxe’s wide range of bedsheets is all OEKO-TEX® certified for chemical safety.


Tencel Collection Core Set in Stone Grey  (from P4,999)


Successfully recreate a hotel bed in the confines of your home with Home de Luxe. It’s 5-star bed luxury that’s easy to clean and care for, plus lasts for a long time! It’s definitely a worthy, guilt-free investment if you ask us!


Luminous Collection Duvet Cover Set in Champagne (from P1,999), Luminous Collection Flat Sheet Set in Champagne (from P1,399)



The Japanese retailer introduces bedsheets to their bestselling AIRism collection


We’ve tried everything from Uniqlo, from the Japanese retailer’s liquid-absorbing AIRism Sanitary Shorts (spoiler: it’s Wonder-approved!) to the seamless Wireless Bra. This time, we’re fawning over the coziest bedsheets and duvet covers from the bestselling AIRism collection, the brand’s take on light and breathable tech. (Trust us, this writer has three sheets–pink, gray and light blue–in her arsenal.)


AIRism bedsheets in Gray (from P1,490)


The sheets are available in single, semi-double, double size, queen and king, for a cool and comfortable night’s sleep, even during warm days. Don’t you worry, sweat absorbs easily with the brand’s AIRism cotton technology! 



IKEA brings affordability, design and comfort to all with their collection of top-rated sheets. The Swedish home furnishing brand’s bound to take over Filipino homes with quality furniture for every budget. Start with the basics! Linger under the covers with über soft, high-quality bed sheets made with eco-friendly materials.


DVALA Fitted Sheet in Light Pink (from P400)


For extra soft, natural and durable quality that breathes and absorbs moisture, choose the DVALA Fitted Sheet. It’s densely woven from fine yarn, plus the material–pure cotton–is sustainably grown so you can sleep with a clean conscience! Pick from light blue, light gray, beige, pink and white.


SALTSTARR Fitted Sheet (from P400)


The rustic geometric pattern of the SALTSTARR Fitted Sheet can change the look and feel of your room. It’s woven from sustainably sourced cotton, which gets softer with each wash. 


Choose from IKEA’s bestselling bedsheets by shopping online. 


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Go ahead, linger under the sheets longer, you deserve to sleep in! 



Header Images Home de Luxe

Art Macky Arquilla

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