It’s Not Too Late. A List of the Best Homemade Food Gifts Everyone Will Appreciate

It’s Not Too Late. A List of the Best Homemade Food Gifts Everyone Will Appreciate

Who wouldn’t want some of the best homemade food gifts under the tree (or on the table)?



I’m not a person that gives gifts; I have literally gotten a score of zero for Gift Giving on that test that tells you what love language you speak. Despite this, I know that there are events in the year where presents are the (unavoidable) norm—and it’s in these moments where I play a little trick: the gift of food. 


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Some might say giving food is a copout, but there’s no denying that it’s a copout that works wonders. After all, who doesn’t love seeing (and devouring) a little something extra on the table during the holidays? 


On the pretense that this logic is unbeatable and my reasoning unquestionable, here’s our list of the best homemade food gifts that anyone you love will appreciate: 


Le Sucre Lab


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These copper-colored tins are enough to make everyone smile—as long as it’s still filled with Le Sucre Lab’s gooey chocolate cake. Slightly bitter, moist and unfortunately too easy to finish, the Chocolate Dream Cake is a no-brainer gift idea for anyone. Give it to your grandparents, your ninongs and ninangs, your cousins, your officemates, your friends; they’ll all appreciate the delicious you’re giving them. 


There’s still time before Christmas rolls around, but we suggest you make your preorders now. 


The Pastry Cart


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The Crème Brulee Cake from The Pastry Cart has been on virtually every listicle for the best cakes in Manila—and for good reason. It’s soft and indulgent without being too sweet and whoever’s eating it will definitely get their fill; it has two layers of chiffon cake that sandwich a thick layer of light cream and—the crème de la crème—a top layer of caramelized custard. 


Interested? Send a text over to (916) 745 7729.


Dimpy’s Kitchen


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While others love Dimpy’s Kitchen for its version of chocolate cake, let’s bring a little cool to the Christmas table with Dimpy’s Frozen Brazo. The flavors of the dish aren’t exactly complicated; but it’s the simplicity that makes it a winner in reunion parties and dinner gatherings. Think vanilla ice cream that pairs almost perfectly with meringue, a custard that’s not overpowering but gives you just enough flavor to fill the entire bite and a pie crust that provides just the right crunch. 


Sorry, are you salivating? We think it’s time to call (2) 8843 8086.


Sandy’s Rumcake

It's Not Too Late. A List of the Best Homemade Food Gifts Everyone Will Appreciate


For something that’s little more adult in flavor and has a little bit of kick in it, there’s always Sandy’s Rumcake. With size and flavor options to choose from, you can still somewhat personalize the gift you’re giving. But while you have butter, butter orange and limoncello in the lineup, our hearts (and tongues and mouths) still belong to the classic butter offering. 


You might want to hit up (2) 8826 0552 for the bulk orders already. 


Pling’s Homemade Goodies


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Cookies are great, but hardly anything beats a thin yet moist brownie in our books. Pling’s is straightforward and hits just the right spot with just the right sizing (and pricing). 


You know ya wanna do it; just dial (917) 514 7036 already and hit that call button. 



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There you have it folks, some of the best homemade food gifts available out there. But oh no, did I miss some healthy gift options? Whoopssss~



Art Alexandra Lara


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