Biodiversity Crisis Escape Room Teaches The Value Of Life’s Interconnectedness—The Fun Way!

Biodiversity Crisis Escape Room Teaches The Value Of Life’s Interconnectedness—The Fun Way!

Lessons about life, interconnectedness and biodiversity



The concept of life and its interdependence in nature was instilled on us early. We studied charts of a frog’s life cycle, looked at countless photos of trees and flowers, tried to understand illustrations of land and water formations all in one science book—bound together by lessons on how to conserve and take care of them properly. 


But while it's true that textbooks are powerful tools, they can only go so far without any first-hand familiarity. And so by turning text into experience, the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc.(BAFI) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) have joined forces to re-echo our lessons on biodiversity. 


A Biodiversity Crisis Escape Room (BCER) will be staged for two-months—moving from one place to another—to introduce the “first, traveling, experiential and immersive space” that will teach lessons about life’s interconnectedness.


Biodiversity Crisis Escape Room Teaches The Value Of Life’s Interconnectedness—The Fun Way!


The black-and-white prints we had in textbooks will be turned into a visual spectacle of various flora and fauna and life-sized moving puppets, engaging the public in a “unique and meaningful” activity. 


Just like any other escape room, the three main rooms are built to bring out teamwork in hopes of making participants realize the critical role they respectively play in the environment. The BCER will be made available to the public, particularly for legislators, enforcers, regulators and community and cultural leaders.


As Managing Director/Curator of BAFI Maria Isabel Garcia puts it, “We are so inspired by the kind of partnership we have with USAID SIBOL since it allowed us to recruit very imaginative ways of engagement for science to serve life [and] biodiversity.” 


At the core of it are Mga Sukat ng Kalikasan (measures/values of nature) that will stimulate every participant to win above and beyond the “crisis.” True to its vision of realizing interconnectedness, the escape room will be closely facilitated to encourage “real human conversations and actions” needed for decision-making in terms of our natural heritage. 


The BCER will be first staged at the Mind Museum in Taguig on May 22. It will then be brought to Harbor Point in Subic, Zambales on June 15; Robinson’s Mall in Puerto Princesa, Palawan on June 29; and in Abreeza Mall, Davao on July 27. 


Biodiversity Crisis Escape Room: TV Version

The life lessons found and absorbed through the interactive walls of the escape room will also be turned into a two-part television special. Helmed by MIND S-COOL TV, the series will feature main questers and non-human players as they navigate through the escape room. 


The first part of the special series will be released at 11AM of May 26, 2024 on OnePh Channel. The replayed version will air on the same day at 4:30PM. The second part will be released a week after—with replays set to run for six consecutive weeks. 


Questions and other details may be placed through USAID SIBOL’s email: [email protected].



Words Rod Hagen

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