Bye, 2018: What We're Leaving Behind to Ring in the New Year Right

Peace Out, 2018: What People Are Gladly Leaving Behind to Ring in the New Year Right


January 2, 2019
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Did someone say #NoBaggage2019?



In the grand tradition of ushering in the New Year, we’re faced once again with contemplating New Year’s resolutions. To make them or denounce them? To pledge a sweeping self-promise or simply hope for the best? If you are like the rest of us, you’ve probably exhausted the “New Year, new me” mantra for all it’s worth. Disappointment over resolutions left unfulfilled no longer hit quite as hard, though; it’s a blow cushioned by time, age and failed attempts from years past.


The truth of the matter is: the stroke of midnight and the shiny, sparkly new calendar year do little to change who we really are or what we’re realistically capable of. Very seldom does a desire to accomplish something out-of-the-ordinary overwrite the traits already hardcoded into our system. If anything––and not to sound too glass-half-empty––the New Year only presents a temporary surge of motivation, a glimmer of hope with an expiry on it. Because we are the exact same people merely sliding out of the year that was and into the year that will be…then it’s back to regularly scheduled programming. Still, why not take advantage of the said surge of motivation? Here’s the swap in perspective: to resolve to take away instead of adding on, to undo or practice restraint instead of attempt to achieve more or overexert oneself.


In the interest of side-stepping the habit of shooting for the moon in resolution-writing, we pose this question instead: What is the one thing you look forward to leaving behind in 2018? We ask some admirable personalities to start.



Alfonso Manalastas, @alfonsaurus_rex
Writer & Spoken Word Artist

Peace Out 2018 What People Are Gladly Leaving Behind to Ring in the New Year Right Alfonso Manalastas

“2018 was an interesting year because it was when I felt the most artistic growth in such short time. If I could leave anything behind, it would be my fear of criticism—the one thing that holds me back from creating freely and creating honestly. In 2019, I would like to write and perform poems that put premium on my artistic truths, before accommodating anybody else’s. I want my audience and my readers to know that the work I do isn’t built to please or to appeal, but to ruminate on universal truths beginning with the self. Only in being able to fearlessly create art out of ‘the personal’ can I expect my work to truly transcend.”



Jann Pascua, @jannpascua
Art Director, Stylist & Illustrator, New Monarq Creativx

Peace Out 2018 Here’s What People Are Looking Forward to Leaving Behind Jann Pascua


“I’ve given this a lot of thought and it might seem generic and cheesy but it’s something I’ve really been working on for myself this year. Haha! Out of all the events we celebrate in a year, I take this one very seriously. Welcoming a new year gives me an opportunity to cleanse and start fresh. This year in particular, I am looking forward to letting go of all the negativity and retain only the positives. My new mantra is: if it’s not doing me any good, if it’s weighing me down, then it’s simply not worth keeping. So whether it’s hoarding old clothes that I haven’t worn in over a year, getting affected over a nasty comment from a stranger on social media, or keeping relationships that I find dragging and toxic, I’ve come to realize that it’s okay to let all of them go. Shrug them off and move forward. Because quite frankly, these will only become bigger burdens that I’d have to carry over my shoulders if I don’t learn to draw the line. Surrounding yourself with positive energy, from people you love or things that make you happy and smile, can only influence you to have a better outlook in life—and that’s the only thing I’m taking with me for 2019.”



Johan Kyle Ong, @johan__kyle
Fashion Designer

Peace Out 2018 Here’s What People Are Looking Forward to Leaving Behind Johan Kyle Ong


“I’ll be leaving behind my bad sleeping pattern (although you and I both know that’s a lie, lol).”



Neil Raymundo, @yung_bawal
Music Producer & DJ, Bawal Clan

Peace Out 2018 Here’s What People Are Looking Forward to Leaving Behind Neil Raymundo

“What I look forward to leaving behind in 2018? My bad habit of acting on impulse because of emotions. Sometimes it works out for me to do that but there were times I could’ve handled certain situations better. When making decisions, especially important ones, I feel like we all should be in a calm state to analyze the situation better.”



Ambra Gutierrez, @ambrabgutierrez

Peace Out 2018 Here’s What People Are Looking Forward to Leaving Behind Ambra Gutierrez

“What I look forward to leaving behind in 2018 are: not thinking about my health too much, not being able to rest when I need [to] and pushing myself too hard, always.”



Edric dela Rosa, @edricdelarosa
Art Director, Hinge Inquirer

Peace Out 2018 Here’s What People Are Looking Forward to Leaving Behind Edric Dela Rosa

“Things to leave behind: booze, temper and bad graphic design. I’ve been overdrinking this past year and I plan to lessen that [in 2019]. With intoxication comes my bad temper and I don’t think I need that negative vibe this coming year. And finally, every new year should come with new creative ideas and fresh new designs. Just remember to keep moving forward.”


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It’s worth acknowledging that, whether an extraordinary new feat for the New Year or a familiar old way of life we hope to drop, self-promises only ever have a fighting chance when relentlessly pursued with discipline, focus and consistency. Still (and it’s a little cheesy), to get ahold of all that 2019 has to offer, hands have to be free of baggage, yes?


Have you given any thought to what baggage from 2018 you’d like to send off in lieu of piling on new resolutions? Sound off in the comments section below and give us your take.


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