Blind Test: Cadbury Dairy Milk vs. Cadbury Dark Milk

Blind Test: Cadbury Dairy Milk vs. Cadbury Dark Milk

The newcomer goes head-on with the veteran favorite!



The great and terrible thing about local marketing is that one country doesn’t always get the same options as another. That’s why we always end up asking friends or family who go on vacation to bring us home something special. Consequently, this is also the same reason why it’s thrilling when a brand brings in a new(ish) product.


So, everyone, say hello to Cadbury Dark Milk.

Blind Test: Cadbury Dairy Milk vs. Cadbury Dark Milk


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Cadbury Dark Milk is not new to the brand’s roster, but it is new to Philippine shelves. It comes in three flavors: Roasted & Caramelized Hazelnuts, Crunchy Salted Caramel and Perfectly Blended Chocolate. Their kicker? The Dark Milk group claims to mix “the perfect blend of the rich cocoa taste of dark chocolate” with “the sweet velvety texture of milk chocolate.”


The best of both worlds, they say. Well, we put the Dark Chocolate to the test and set it face-to-face against the classic favorite, Cadbury Dairy Milk. How did the newcomer fair? Honestly, pretty well.

Blind Test: Cadbury Dairy Milk vs. Cadbury Dark Milk


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In a group of 20 people who were made to choose which one they liked better, 11 picked Cadbury Dark Milk. They reasoned it was silkier and that they appreciated the hint of bitterness. They said it was rich—but not too much—and “sakto yung lasa.” One of them said they could eat the entire bar themselves because the taste isn’t so sweet; another claimed it’s perfect for those trying to watch their sugar intake (but let’s be real here, there’s still milk chocolate in there).


On the other hand, 9 individuals stayed true to the Cadbury Dairy Milk fandom. It’s a classic, a taste we’re all familiar with from our childhoods (and last weekend). The stronger flavor and the creaminess still hold a special place in their hearts. And who can blame them really?


But when it all boils down to it, it doesn’t really matter which one comes out on top. Because—I mean, hello—we all win when it comes to chocolate. Plain, milk, with nuts, with raisins, with wafers…the list goes on and on. Whatever the choice, we win. Every. Single. Time.



Art Alexandra Lara

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