We Asked Your Career Pegs About Their Career Pegs

We Asked Your Career Pegs About Their Career Pegs

And they let us in on inspirations, dreams and why they do what they do



No matter how high up on the corporate ladder you are, there’s still always room to grow. So while we have #SquadGoals and #RelationshipGoals, there’s always room for a #CareerPeg here and there. It might mean the person that inspires you, the person whose professional journey you want to walk, the reason you started in the first place or just someone—or something—you admire.


It’s something that we all have in common, no matter what your title is or how many you have working under you.


Amina Aranaz Alunan



“It wouldn’t be a career peg; it was more like a dream that started when I was in fashion school in Milan. I wanted ARANAZ to develop sort of like the Gucci of the Philippines because I remember reading the Gucci story. It started with a father and then it was a family business that the kids continued on. That sort of became an inspiration for me.”


Aryanna Epperson

Always Sunday


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“Definitely my mom! I mean, she’s my queen, my idol and she’s the perfect picture of hard work and passion put together in one. So I aspire to be just like her.”


Cat Triviño

Jollibee Foods Corporation


“Bozoma St John (former chief marketing officer for Uber and now Endeavor) and Sophia Amoruso (Girl Boss author and Nasty Gal founder) are my career pegs! Both are the epitomes of girl bosses, major hustlers and are extremely stylish while at it. They’ve never let their limitations get the best of them and have continuously pushed boundaries wherever they go.”


Ken Samudio

Accessories designer


“When I started, I never had a career peg because I didn’t know anyone in fashion—it was just me.”


Paulo Campos

Zalora Philippines


“My career peg was my grandfather. My grandfather was a very successful man; he was self-made. He became a very successful medical doctor; he was actually national scientist.


He told me growing up that if you want to help the country, you should create jobs. So that’s what sent me down this route of entrepreneurship and business. His name is also Paulo Campos, by the way. I’m the third, he’s Dr. Paulo Campos Sr.”


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It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of a name you’ve made for yourself, how many awards you’ve won or how many international publications and stars have been seen dawning your stuff, there’s always more to draw inspiration from—and you find it everywhere and anywhere. At home, in a book, on social media or right inside yourself.


So hey, fly as close as you can to the sun. Just remember to stay humble because then you’ll never feel the burn.



Art Alexandra Lara


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