Catch 272: Boho, Hipster or None of the Above, This Is The Place To Be in QC

Catch 272: Boho, Hipster or None of the Above, This Is The Place To Be in QC

“Kung di mo trip, just drink ‘til it becomes your thing”



Kung di mo trip, just drink ‘til it becomes your thing, (says a Facebook commenter on Catch 272’s wall)” is right. I’ve never heard of Catch and I’ve lived in QC since I was five; the pub is literally 15 or 20 minutes away from where I live.


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Catch 272, formerly Boho Sarapsody Bistro on Ermin Garcia, has been around since November 2015. Not once have I been until my partner said we had to go to her college-ish reunion at Catch, which is unassumingly sandwiched between an old lot and Donna’s Furniture in Kamuning. There might be a few dedicated parking slots, but guests are welcome to park in the side streets anyway or where there’s available space.


We went on a Sunday night, so it was particularly quiet. A few tables were sprawled right outside the bar, people having intimate conversations with a cigarette on hand. I couldn’t quite get the vibe. Is it like Maginhawa or Future (to which I’ve been maybe two or three times) I thought? No, this one seemed different and so I’m intrigued.


We entered a dimly lit Catch with the only source of bright light shining right above the bar. The place was occupied mostly by my partner’s friends, a few others by college students and a couple who sat on the couch by the entrance. It was just as quiet inside as it was outside; no music was playing nor was there ambient sound. My partner introduced me to one of the owners who’s also part of the group she was meeting that night. We parked ourselves on a table in the middle of the room and helped ourselves to a spread of barbecue, fried chicken and pancit—kitchen’s closed on Sundays so the group brought food.


“Modest watering hole. Music is great (heard José James, Erykah Badu, and a bit of jazz—swell), beer is cheap and Amy Winehouse for a bartender. Awesome!” reads another review on FB.


I walked up to the bar and examined the drinks menu but stuck to beer because I’m uncool and didn’t know what to get (not sure about Amy Winehouse but the bartender that night was just as tattooed and cool; later I learned she sings, too). I walked around a little more and realized there’s huge flat screen TV right across the couch where the couple sat, and they had Netflix—people can literally Netflix and chill here. There’s also a Playstation, which I used after the couple finished playing Tekken. Around this time, I was on my second bottle of beer and feeling a little sleepy at 10PM. So I sat across a cozy nook with a large window overlooking the outside and realized I was sitting beside piles of books, some for children, others novels I didn’t quite recognize.


Everything felt different, but good. I knocked back half the bottle of my third drink and started to get it. Catch 272 (with the vibe alone) has become my thing, too.


Will I go back? Yes, to try the Facebook-famous Diablo Burger with my beer and catch a “crazy-fun” event—heard they do lip sync battles—people have been talking about on social.


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How do the reviews pale in comparison to my actual experience? I’d say many of them got it right: “Want a third home” that “serves cheap beer,” is “LGBTQIA+ friendly” and more—it’s right here.



Find it at 41-B T. Gener, Kamuning (5.22 mi)
Quezon City
Call (995) 222 1782

Open 7PM to 3AM

Come as you are

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