A List of Christmas Sweets and Treats for the Kids and Adults Alike

A List of Christmas Sweets and Treats for the Kids and Adults Alike


November 29, 2018
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The best part, you can find homemade favorites all in one place and delivered right to your doorstep



Malls are honestly the worst place to be in when ‘Ber months kick in and more so in November. Literally everyone is trying to get their Christmas shopping and what have you done. I’ve been to the mall maybe twice in the past month and both instances, I had to crowd surf my way to a public toilet. So if you still need to do some shopping, especially for food (cause you know, potluck parties are always right around the corner) but prefer to stay in or away from the crowd, there’s always honestbee.


And no sis, they don’t just deliver groceries and restaurant-ordered food anymore; they recently added local homemade favorites, flowers and toys—from Hamley’s and Hobbes & Landes no less—to their list of services.


Here’s another handy guide to gift shopping. You’re welcome!



Auro Chocolate

What: A proudly Filipino chocolate company

Price range: Starts at P65

What to get:


Cocoa Mass / Tablea Coins, P220


See the full selection here


The Blue Kitchen

What: The “little shop that could” that sells everything delightful and comforting, from bottled delicacies and pastries. Seriously how have you lived if you don’t know or tried The Blue Kitchen??

Price range: Starts at P75

What to get:


The Blue Kitchen Sesame Balls Candy, P140

The Blue Kitchen Roasted Garlic Chips, P160

The Blue Kitchen Very Buttery Lenguas de Gato-Almond, P320


See the full selection here


The Custaroonery

What: Finger-licking custaroons by Gigi Gaerlan

Price range: Starts at P200

What to get: You can never go wrong with the original


Custaroons – Original, Box of 6, P310

See the full selection here

Crackle Snacks

What: Mostly salted egg-battered, deep fried goodness

Price range: Starts at P100

What to get:


Crackle Snacks Small – Salted Egg Potato Chips, P120

Crackle Snacks Small – Salted Egg Chicharon, P120


See the full selection here


Gourmet Corner

What: One of the best Filipino gourmet delis in town

Price range: Starts at P80

What to get:


Tinapa Fillet, P360

Tilde Moringa Pasta, P190

Dalandan Extract With Honey, P285


See the full selection here




What: UK-borne toy retailer

Price range: Starts at P245

What to get: Maybe something that encourages imaginative role play or creativity?


Maisie & Jack My Little Pizza Playset, P595

Dough & Cutters Set, P795


See the full selection here


Hobbes and Landes

What: A unique specialty store for kids and adults alike

Price range: Starts at P299.75

What to get: Wooden toys for the little ones, family games and other cool things for everyone else


Plantoys Balancing Cactus New, P399.75

Thinkfun Yoga Spinner Game, P1,449.75

Sculpey Superflex Bake & Bend, P1,029.50


See the full selection here



Gomez Flower Shop

What: Flower shop…Just because!

Price range: Starts at P1,050

What to get: Try not to be a cliche and get something other than roses. Assorted flowers with some succulents perhaps?




See the full selection here


Yankee Candles

What: Scented tea light candles, candle jars and other sweet-smelling products to keep your space smelling really nice

Price range: Starts at P142

What to get:


Yankee Candle Soft Blanket, P769

Yankee Candle Cinnamon Vanilla, P901


See the full selection here


Find anything you like? Try Wonder’s other gift guide for some of the most important personalities in your life, including broke-ass siblings.


Art Alexandra Lara

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