Coffee Accessories For The Stay-At-Home Barista

Coffee Accessories For The Stay-At-Home Barista

Upgrade your homemade drinks with some gear



To many of us, morning (and afternoon) coffee has become a lifeline. It’s a productivity fuel, an anchor—the very reason why we survive sleepy afternoons and long nights. When this one instant coffee brand asks, “Para kanino ka bumabangon?” I’d reply that a cup of joe serves as a small, if not the main, incentive for me to roll out of bed.


In the thick of quarantine, we discovered that we wanted to spice up our usual drinks. Getting coffee delivered to our doorsteps for a change in taste is fun but, admittedly, not the most cost-effective way in the long run. The solution to this would be replicating our go-to coffee shop orders at home. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to be at-home baristas, learning recipes from TikTok accounts and Instagram profiles whose videos look and sound pleasing to the senses.


If you’re planning to get a headstart on your at-home cafe, we list some accessories you might want to cop to upgrade your daily dose of caffeine.


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For the brew


Drip Coffee Sachets

Coffee Accessories For The Stay-At-Home Barista


If you’re no-frills and straightforward about your cuppa, there are a lot of drip coffee sachets you can try out. A personal favorite is from the Japanese brand, Key Coffee. One pouch is strong enough to last me an entire day, milk and some sweetener included.


Try out Key Coffee’s Drip On coffee sachets now.


Manual Coffee Grinder

Coffee Accessories For The Stay-At-Home Barista


For those who prefer buying beans and grinding them independently, one can never go wrong with getting a manual grinder. At least you get to control the size of grinds depending on the method of brewing you prefer. Use finely ground beans for espressos, medium ground beans for coffeemakers and pour-over brewing and, lastly, coarsely ground coffee is best for a French press or cold brew steeping.


Check out this manual coffee grinder on Shopee.


Coffee Maker

Coffee Accessories For The Stay-At-Home Barista


Earlier this year, we took B Coffee Co’s affordable Capsule Coffee Machine out for a spin. It’s a great partner for caffeine fiends who want to try the world of capsules and pods. But you’re someone who has no plans of investing in a coffee maker yet, let us direct you to these affordable options. From the good ol’ French press to the Italian Moka pot, these are effective ways to extract the most from your grounds while staying on any budget.


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For the flavor


Syrups and Sauces

Coffee Accessories For The Stay-At-Home Barista


Some at-home baristas get into the hobby because of the abundance of recipes and customizations they can do. Even Team Wonder got into the groove of recreating recipes at home. For the full-on café experience, add a few pumps of your favorite flavored sweetener to your cup of coffee. Syrups and sauces are aplenty on Shopee, such as the widely-used Torani variants.


Check out your favorite flavored syrups on Shopee.


Handheld Frother

Coffee Accessories For The Stay-At-Home Barista


Meanwhile, a handheld frother can help you nail the fluffy, café-grade milk without breaking the bank. After all, heavy-duty frothers can be a bit pricey. What’s good about the handheld frother is that it doubles as a whisk, which is an excellent investment if your other go-to caffeine source is matcha. Battery-operated and rechargeable handheld frothers are available everywhere.


Get your own handheld frother on Shopee.


For the ‘gram


Ceramic mugs


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Boob Mugs (@peekaboobph)


If many people believe that your drink order reflects your personality, I'd like to argue that your mug does too. So drink your hot beverages in these ceramic-mugs-with-character by peekaboobph. For other unique ceramic finds, check out Miramaru Home and Hiraya Ceramics on Instagram.


Adorable Glassware

Coffee Accessories For The Stay-At-Home Barista

Coffee Accessories For The Stay-At-Home Barista


Sometimes, a cute cup or elegant glass completes the at-home café shop experience. While, sure, it’s just coffee, pretty things can give you a mood boost, too.


Get adorable cereal cups or elegant glassware on Shopee.


Insulated To-Go Cups

Coffee Accessories For The Stay-At-Home Barista

Coffee Accessories For The Stay-At-Home Barista


Insulated tumblers are the way to go for caffeine lovers who want their bevs to last the entire workday. Splurge by pre-ordering a Chamberlain Coffee To-Go Cup. But for those who want to save, the tried-and-tested Tyeso tumbler serves as a great companion. At P350 for 890mL, it’s a steal!


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Now that you’re ready to get started, we have a couple of recipe suggestions you can try out with your new coffee gear:


And if things don’t go well, this list of local small businesses that deliver ready-to-drink coffee right to your doorstep is enough to fall back on. Enjoy!



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