Can Creatives Make It In Corporate?

Can Creatives Make It In Corporate?

Is a 9 to 5 even possible for the creative mind?



When you imagine a creative working on something, what do you see with your mind’s eye? Feet up on a chair and organized chaos all around? An out-of-ordinary ensemble and late nights jumping from one thing to the next? Space to roam around and the freedom to do so? It’s not exactly your typical 9 to 5 setting—and there’s really no blame if you think this way because creatives do tend to work differently.


But the thing is, creatives are necessary in the corporate setting. After all, who else will think of story boards and digital content? Who else will work on the art, the music, the social media strategy and the marketing collaterals? Trust us, an office manager cannot typically do what an art director does.


So the question isn’t if the 9 to 5 space has room for the creative mind; it’s can the creative mind thrive in corporate?


The answer is yes, creatives can be successful, even under the sometimes overbearing shadow of corporate life. There are just some nice-to-keep-in-minds.



Treat your company like a client (but one that isn’t always right); listen to their ideas and what they’re trying to get across to their customers. Pay attention to the message they’re trying to convey and the feelings they’re trying to evoke.


And most importantly, listen to their branding AKA what you can and can’t do—these things are vital and your only actual must-follows.


Speak up

Some corporates will think they know what works best because they know their brand. They know what it stands for and—hey—it’s their idea after all, right? These things can’t be overlooked, but the whole reason you’re in the picture is because you have an eye that they don’t. You need be able to voice out your opinion over what you think will do well and what an audience just won’t understand.


Think the color pairs are off? Speak up. Think a local image will do better than a stock photo of a Western family? By all means, say so. Do you think the language they’re using won’t be effective, that the tone should be changed? Don’t let the man silence you.


Don’t be literal

Most officers will insist on getting as much information into one scene, one image and one second as possible. Keep these people at bay and do not take their requests (ahem, demands) at face value. Otherwise, disaster will strike.


And don’t lose yourself

But most importantly, don’t lose yourself. Hold on to your voice, your style and your aesthetic as much as you can. Keep your signature yours. And if you think this isn’t possible, please let these talented boys show you how it’s done.


Their task during Jappy Agoncillo’s Axe masterclass was simple but daunting: Create an art piece showcasing passion, incorporate Axe’s logo, bottle image and battle cry (You got something. Work on it). And in the end of it, not one was the same; nothing resembled the other. What’s more, they all looked amazing—despite the quick 2-hour prep time!



In the end, it was Henrich Dulin’s artwork that reigned supreme. His style on point, he followed the client’s requests and his message was clear: Passion has stages and you need to keep giving it your all in order to really make the most of it.


Can Creatives Make It In Corporate?



Hey, creative. Don’t let the corporates scare you away. They need you there.



Art Alexandra Lara


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