Looks That We Want To See In Cruella 2

Looks That We Want To See In Cruella 2

Imagining the re-imagined Cruella de Vil



It’s been a good few months since Cruella, played by Emma Stone, won over the hearts of Disney fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. Fashion was the main character of the film, as an esteemed designer faces off with an upcoming anonymous talent who had a penchant for spectacle. War was waged through hijacked grand entrances and flashy fashion shows. Masterfully using fashion as her weapon, Cruella proved she would always be one step ahead of the Baroness.

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Cruella’s costume designer is Academy Award-winning Jenny Beavan. In an interview with Collider, she discussed her journey in designing for the film. She wanted the audience to believe that Emma Stone’s Cruella would eventually grow up to be Glenn Close’s portrayal from the live-action 101 Dalmatians. And you can definitely see that just by looking at her. The 70s punk-rock revolution met opulence and extravagance as Estella switched between her persona as a naïve designer and her bolder alter ego.


Now, I’m not sure how far into the future Cruella 2 will be set in. But since the movie didn’t leave us much room to hate her, I’m assuming that the sequel might be set in the 80s. Cruella might still be basking in her inheritance and building her fashion empire. Will a new threat come to life or is it going to focus on her full transformation from a vindicated character to another villain? If the 70s were all about punk-rock and New Romantic fashion a la Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, what kind of inspo would be behind Cruella in the 80s? Herewith, the possible looks we’d like to see in Cruella 2:


Structured Blazers and Skirt Suits

Looks That We Want To See In Cruella 2

We’ve already seen a tease of her pointy-tipped shoulder pads. But this trend went all out during the 80s, and I’m hoping to see a bolder spin on the look. Maybe Cruella would be sporting bigger shoulder pads and pointier tips? In true she-EO fashion, she’ll be strutting powerfully around The Hell House and eventually, the House of De Vil in an oversized blazer or a monochrome pantsuit.



Looks That We Want To See In Cruella 2


In the 80s, Cruella would be ushering the trend of ruffles everywhere, cascading down the front of her shirt or enveloping her entire dress. From workwear to extravagant galas, huge ruffles will be making a statement along with her. This would also be a refined nod to her scene-stealing military-jacket-and-petaled-skirt ‘fit as she hijacked the Baroness’ entrance yet again.


Animal Prints and Fur

Looks That We Want To See In Cruella 2


Admittedly there was a significant lack of animal prints in Cruella’s arsenal of outfit changes. Granted, they were already expensive back in the 70s and her “dog coat” was placed as a weapon to spite her foe. Maybe for Cruella 2, we’d be seeing more animal prints in her clothes: leopard prints, zebra prints and maybe even black-and-white snakeskin? An abundance of them might even be the prelude to the most fashionable villain’s obsession with fur.


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Even if Cruella 2 might be set in a completely different timeline, I’m still stoked to see what she has up her sleeve. What about you, what looks do you want to see from Miss De Vil?



Images from Getty Images via The Cut and Harper’s Bazaar

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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