Filipino Artists Reimagine the Modern-Day Darna

Filipino Artists Reimagine the Modern-Day Darna

Not all superheroes wear capes. It's the dawn of the new Darna



In every Filipino’s childhood is a vivid memory of Darna. Under the guise of Narda, the fictional comics superhero was created by writer Mars Ravelo and artist Nestor Redondo. Through the years, it birthed media; whether it be 90s film adaptations featuring Nanette Medved (1991) and Anjanette Abayari (1997) or GMA Network’s high-grossing TV series starring Angel Locsin (2005) and Marian Rivera (2009) and, of course, the widely popular single Narda by Kamikazee. After years in pursuit of the perfect actress for the Darna remake (2020) at the helm of Jerrold Tarog (Heneral Luna, Goyo), the latest addition to the roster is young actress Jane De Leon.


As a manner of paying homage to Darna, over a thousand—and counting—art submissions were created on Twitter and Instagram with #SigawDarna created by illustrator Rob Cham. The entries highlighted uniquely Filipino elements like the baro’t saya—possible references for the adaptation, perhaps?—and the Ibong Adarna. From reimagined (clothed) superheroes to everyday Nardas, this classic superhero surely brings Filipinos (and creatives) together.



With a little touch of sci-fi



Nothing more relatable than present-day, empowered Darna


Darna is bold, fashion-forward and, more importantly, morena.



Old-school Darna from different eras:



Lastly, Darna with the first Filipina Marvel superhero Wave:




Featured Image @rombutans via twitter

Art Alexandra Lara

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