Broke? Psh, You Still Have Time To Achieve These DIY Gifts

Broke? Psh, You Still Have Time To Achieve These DIY Gifts

Get your hands dirty with these DIY gifts that are heartfelt and easy to complete



Like most everything else, Christmas season is double-edged. We get non-working holidays but not less work. We see pretty decorations in overcrowded malls and we get to spend time with family and friends even though we’re stuck on the road for longer than the dinner. It’s the same with gift-giving: We get to give something to our loved ones but we usually have to break the bank to do it—not unless you have a crafty pair of hands, anyway.


DIY is everywhere on social media, laid out in pretty infographics or satisfying-to-watch videos. And if you think you can do it, the holidays are the perfect time to test out this little theory.


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Granite tile Coasters


Image via It’s Always Autumn


Beautiful, right? Well, it’s also surprisingly simple. All you need is a clean tile, some colored markers, alcohol and a lighter.


All you need to do is draw on a general design onto the tile, pour some alcohol over it to mix the colors and hit it up with a lighter to burn away the alcohol. You could actually stop at this point and leave the tile looking like colored marble, but all you need to do to take it to the next level is spritz on a little more alcohol and burn again.


Tote bags

Everyone loves a tote bag, but they’re always either branded (as a giveaway) or just too expensive for that piece of cloth. Aha, a DIY moment!


Sew some fabric together that suits the person you’re giving a gift to and there you have it. The idea of sewing might be a little intimidating to most people, but a tote bag need not be difficult. And if you’re good with the machine, you can even include their initials to really make it about them.


Specialty butter


Image via Shutterfly


If you know how not to burn butter, this is definitely for you! Get in the kitchen, pour some heavy cream into a mason jar, shake it and flavor. It’s as easy as mixing some herbs and other ingredients into softened butter and wrapping them up. If you prefer to give the mason jar as it is, then you’re good to go.


Cheat tip: If you’re unsure how to make your own butter, you can also just head to the grocery store.


A makeup bag

Everyone’s into PVC now, but it’s a hard that could be hard to maneuver (especially if your loved ones are little messy). So make it easy for them (and you) by starting them out with PVC makeup bag. You can buy plain ones pretty much anywhere these days, making it ideal for personalization with a few strong and waterproof stickers to show off their personality, initials, favorite beauty quotes or anything else.


Washi tape anything



When all else fails, buy something simple and cover it with washi tape. It’s easy to manipulate and you can stick it onto anything. Who hasn’t seen an item that would have been perfect if it just had the right design? The paper on the notebook is stellar but it has some cheesy inspirational quote on it that doesn’t relate to your loved one? Washi the cheese away.


So personalize a planner, a notebook, even a plain mirror, wrap it up and you’re good to go.


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Okay, being honest though, DIY gifting is not the easiest thing to do; of course it would be easier to pick a gift off the shelf and pay for it at the cashier. But there’s a little bit of satisfaction that comes with making something with your own two hands. And another thing: They can’t regift a DIY.



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