Reintroducing Engkanto Brewery

Reintroducing Engkanto Brewery

Get to know the award-winning portfolio of Engkanto Brewery



The Philippines is, without a doubt, a nation that loves their beer. Go to any family gathering or a night out with friends, and you’re bound to have a beer in hand. Aside from iconic beer brands that have nurtured one generation after another through the years, the local brewery scene is flourishing with young brands that aim to change the way we know and drink beer.


Founded in 2017, Engkanto Brewery set out to create a craft revolution and culture fueled by passion and energy. This 2022, they’ve reimagined the brand with a new portfolio of drinks—including their award-winning classics—which embraces the ideas of using homegrown products, supporting local farms and meeting friendly communities. This line-up was thoughtfully created to be more approachable, not only in alcohol content but in the easy-to-identify labels.


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The award-winning Live It Up Lager (P380/4-pack, P2,300/24 bottles) is a light, crisp and thirst-quenching beer with notes of citrus, passionfruit and melon. For those new to the craft, this aromatic classic is approachable and can be paired easily with light dishes, such as salad, chicken or fish.


The remarkably smooth and subtly sweet High Hive Honey Ale (P380/4-pack, P2,300/24 bottles) is brewed with pure and all-natural honey from local apiaries and farms. The medium-bodied beer provides a delicate balance of sweetness and bitterness, best paired with strongly flavored foods, such as spicy Mexican dishes, smoked meats and kare-kare.


Introducing Engkanto's Green Lava Double IPA (P570/4-pack, P3,430/24 bottles), beautifully crafted with an explosion of flavors and aromas from bold, zesty hops that have notes of grapefruit, mango, apricot and pineapple. Easily match this beer with smoked meats, sharp cheeses and sweet desserts.



For craft beer enthusiasts and even those new to the craft, you’re bound to find a new favorite quality beer from Engkanto Brewery’s novel portfolio of products.




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