Welcome to Unprude, A Safe Space Where Women Can Explore Their Sexuality Freely


January 19, 2022
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Explore your sexuality at your own pace with Unprude



Embracing one’s sexuality —a heady pilgrimage to self-worth-taking—is still considered taboo for many Filipinas. Still, our predominantly conservative nation has managed to create strides when it comes to sex positivity, advocated for by individuals like Doc Rica Cruz, PhD, RPsy, a sex & relationships therapist, Conservative Ako podcast host and CEO of Unprude. In a pandemic wherein touch is considered a diversion, we slowly strip ourselves of ideologies that pleasure is bad. 

Unprude was created with the idea that women deserve a safe space to embrace their desires freely, where we can explore our sexuality, all while becoming experts of our own bodies. We aren’t lewd or vulgar—this simply makes us women. Doc Rica embraced this ideology, she created a space where we can explore the world of sex. 



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In Unprude’s manifesto, Doc Rica notes:


“The years spent as a sex therapist I found that we become more open to sex as a country. But sexuality still doesn’t feel right for a lot of women. It can still feel too loud, too soon, too out there. Honestly, even I myself can feel this way at times.”

She adds, “As I talk in media about sex, I noticed that we've come to great strides for sex positivity. But, what I've also come to realize is that the way society is pushing us to be sex positive is not for everyone. Thus, many women still feel shame and self-consciousness around sex—being pressured to accept sex through someone else's terms. That's why we created Unprude, a space for women to be comfortable and free in exploring their sexual selves, without feeling ashamed of whoever they may be—conservative or progressive, beginner or experienced, a slut or a saint, or somewhere in between.”


Welcome to Unprude, A Safe Space Where Women Can Explore Their Sexuality Freely

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Welcome to Unprude, A Safe Space Where Women Can Explore Their Sexuality Freely

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Whether you’re looking for something to use alone or with a partner, Unprude’s selection of products—from silky smooth and body-safe lubricants to enhance the sensations of intimacy to luxury toys and vibrators designed to bring you intense pleasure—will give you the confidence to bring out your most unashamed, sexual self. 


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Here’s to redefining sex positivity with Unprude, a safe space to help women find comfort in their authentic, sensual selves–indulging and acknowledging both our sexual explorations and boundaries


To learn more about Unprude, visit Stay updated by following @unprudeofficial on Instagram. 



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