Flatiron 1771 Brings An Entire Experience To The Table

Flatiron 1771 Brings An Entire Experience To The Table

One of our favorite restaurant groups has one-upped themselves with Flatiron 1771



In 1988, the 1771 Group of Restaurants opened with Chateau 1771, which became a staple for Filipino families throughout the years and generations. There are mornings that I still remember, which I spent sitting on its chairs and poring over the menu for an order I knew I would enjoy. I remember reaching out over the table and stabbing my fork on my older siblings’ orders. So really, it’s no wonder why Flatiron 1771, an addition from the group, creates that same feeling.


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I’ve matured (AKA aged) since those mornings at Chateau 1771 and it’s nice to say that Flatiron 1771 Restaurant and Bar offers an experience I can enjoy at this point in my life.


Taking its cue from New York’s iconic Flatiron Building, the restaurant aims to bring the NY experience to Philippine tables. And before you start expecting a slew of deep dish pizzas and sausages on buns, don’t forget that the busiest city in the world is actually a melting pot of cultures, people and tastes.



The Wonder team had the privilege of trying out the Prime Rib Steak, Seafood Carbonara, Pesto Pizza, Chicken Piccata and Seafood Jambalaya one afternoon. Our favorites by far were the steak and chicken, both of which offered up their own unique flavors and were complemented by their side dishes almost effortlessly.


Seriously, we devoured the steak until there was one dyahe piece left—clearly, you can take the Filipino away from their Pinoy dishes, but you can’t take the Pinoy habits away from the Filipinos.


We finished things off with a few drinks and the Intense Brownie Burger (which, if we’re being honest, lived up to its name). The drinks, named Pomelo Orange, Cristopher Street, Big Apple and Sunburn, satiated our midday, midweek thirst for some alcohol as we swapped stories and shared plans from across the tables.


Before we knew it, it was 3pm and we didn’t even get to try our hand on the Truffle Carbonara with Chicken Skin Crackling, Fish Piccata, Chorizo and Cheddar Croquetas or Baked Mussels. For the next time, I guess.



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This is when you know a restaurant lives up to its reputation; it’s when you can comfortably sit with a few friends for hours without realizing the time that has passed. It’s when you’re able to share food and order drinks while you enjoy yourselves with each other’s company—and yet you still look forward to the next time you enter its doors.



Flatiron 1771 Restaurant and Bar is located at Uptown Place Mall, BGC, Taguig.



Art Isabella Canlas

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