Wonder Asks: What Is the Freakiest Thing You’ve Done in the Bedroom?

Wonder Asks: What Is the Freakiest Thing You’ve Done in the Bedroom?

What is the freakiest thing you’ve done in the bedroom? Of almost-threesomes, chocolate-slathered bodies, home videos, and more warranted oversharing


In the prejudice-free confines of Wonder’s online domain, “anything goes” is something we like to keep in mind. Even the most random of curiosities (so yes, sex does come up), in our book, deserve a little time and attention; and some, we don’t even mind poring over…thoroughly. This has led to candid discussions about casual sex, the freakiest thing you’ve done in the bedroom, and reveling in the many wonders of sex toys. On to the more enlightening stuff, an informative guide to female contraceptives for anyone who needs it and even a 411 on losing your virginity.


We take “anything goes” seriously, if you can’t already tell. Which brings us to one question that’s come up, perfectly timed, in a month where everyone is encouraged to let their freak flag fly: What is the freakiest thing you’ve done in the bedroom?


We asked. You answered (and, as we gathered, have gotten pretty wild).



Jelly Doughnut, 28

“Had sex with my girlfriend while her friend was also having sex with her partner in the same room. After we were all done, we turned the lights on, laughed for a bit, then moved on.”


G, 35

“Strip danced? Lol”


AB, 19

“My boyfriend and I searched for a roundup of the most pleasure-inducing sex positions and tried everything. We treated it kind of like a sex bucket list.”


Candy, 27

“I peed on the guy I was having sex with WHILE HE WAS INSIDE ME because we had a bit to drink just before. Luckily, we were on the floor and not on my bed.”


Anna, 33

“We were drinking with friends in a rooftop bar and he put his finger under me, inside my dress. He put it inside me while everyone else we were drinking with didn't know what was happening.”



B, 25

“It would probably be the time I dressed up (and stripped down?) for my partner on her birthday. Then I let her take a video of me touching myself.”


Mimi, 29

“In my teens? Covered parts of my body with whipped cream (in the shower) and had my partner lick it off before sex. I also got caught having sex in the car at a mall parking lot by security. Never again. Then when I hit my mid-20’s, the sex became less about the antics and thrills and more the performance. I had a one-night stand with my tattoo artist after he did my tattoo. And we fucked standing up, my legs wrapped around his waist. His thrust was magic; probably one of the best three to five minutes of my life.”



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LED, 29

“[The freakiest thing I’ve done in bed is to] receive a blowjob while asleep and [then wake] up just in time.”


LBJ is the GOAT, 29

“For instance, I had sex with my partner while she was on the phone with a friend who had no idea we were doing it.”


Veronica, 28

“1) I’ve had a security guard catch me and a guy doing it. 2) I’ve done the deed at the office, pre-CCTV era. 3) I used to have a boyfriend who I would recreate porno scenes with as they played. 4) I made out with my boyfriend’s hot best friend pre-threesome––which prompted the potential threesome to stop.”


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Super Movie Fan, 22

“My girlfriend and I once got tickets to a movie in the middle of the day (smack-dab in the middle of the week, too). We had an entire row at the cinema to ourselves, so we figured why not take advantage? Got to enjoy her and the film.”


J, 23

“I put chocolates on [my partner’s] body during foreplay ?”


K, 30

“I wore my partner’s panties at my partner’s pleasure. I’m a guy. Damn that thing was tiny.”


Rachel, 28

“One night, multiple toys. We were experimenting to see which ones I liked best and which didn’t really do anything. NOTE: you can’t beat a vibe (but you can combine it with anything).”




Why bother immortalizing your wildest sexcapade on the internet? To that, we say: Why not? We’re keeping this survey open, too, so share your freaky deaky sex story with us if you want to.


What was the freakiest thing you’ve done in the bedroom? Click here and let us in on it or head straight for the comment section and tell us!


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