Rediscovering My Love for Instant Cameras With the Brand New Instax Mini 11


September 8, 2020
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Because the era of instant film photography isn’t over

The first time I received an instant camera on my 25th birthday, I was on cloud nine. It was bubble gum pink, small and functions like a vintage camera. The Instax Mini 9 traveled with me to my first trip to New York, birthday celebrations and night-outs with friends (how it fit in my bag, we will never know). Not knowing exactly what it would look like added to the appeal of this trinket emulating days of old.

The latest predecessor to one of the most loved instant cameras of the past decade is the innovative Instax Mini 11. It actually remedies my issues with the previous model, like its bulky exterior and non-automatic exposure, which resulted in a number of wasted prints.

Rediscovering My Love for Instant Cameras With the Brand New Instax Mini 11
Rediscovering My Love for Instant Cameras With the Brand New Instax Mini 11


For a low-cost price of P4,299, it’s actually such a great “investment” without really going all out. The more compact model is available in four gorgeous pastel hues—blush pink, sky blue, ice white, lilac purple—and a charcoal gray. You best believe the color range sealed the deal when I finally decided to purchase my own camera after weeks of testing the model. 

The sleek exterior is definitely lighter and less bulky than previous generations, with a slight curve maximizing its appeal. Now, it comes with two attachable shutter buttonsone that glows in the dark, and the other with a jewel-like appearance—to customize your camera but it really comes off so easily that I’d advise to just not use it. I wish it were made better to really grab on to the shutter.  


I can’t be happier with the brand new Instax Mini 11, especially as a professional photographer! It now comes with automatic exposure for brighter photos and non-overexposed or underexposed images, which just waste very expensive prints. The high-performance settings make it easier to adjust to the lighting, whether you’re outdoor or indoor. Comparing the quality from my older prints using my Instax Mini 9 to my Instax Mini 11, photos of the latter are more crisp and details are more evident.

Rediscovering My Love for Instant Cameras With the Brand New Instax Mini 11
Sample photos taken with the Instax Mini 11

Selfies and close-ups, because we’re all guilty of the occasional selfie binge, are also better (see sample photo) with the Selfie mode. Simply pull out the lens to switch!

If you’re still on the fence whether the brand new Instax Mini 11 is worth the switch, this may just convince you. Grab yours now online on Shopee and Lazada for the discounted price of P4,082.05 just in time for 9.9! 

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Photography Elisa Aquino 

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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