Five Activities for A Socially Distant Gal-entines Day

Five Activities for A Socially Distant Gal-entines Day

Stay safe while enjoying a good Galentine’s Day with your friends



After spending countless Februaries single with a tight-knit group of friends (who are also single), Valentine’s Day has officially turned into Galentine’s Day for me. It’s tradition, at this point, to block off a day or weekend so my friends and I can take each other out on a date. But I’m sure that’s not the only case for my friend group; many others repurposed this Capitalist holiday into another reason to celebrate with our platonic loved ones. (Thank you, Parks and Recreation!)



As the world seemingly shifts to normal, everyone can plan Valentine’s dates like usual. Make reservations at your favorite restaurant or book a staycation or vacation; the coast seems a bit a little clearer anyway. Nonetheless, I understand if some still aren’t comfortable dining in or staying in enclosed spaces for an extended period. Just don’t let the fear rain on your parade—February 13 and 14 can still be extra special while staying socially distant. 


Scroll ahead for safe activities you can do for Galentine’s Day, whether you’re celebrating it with the whole squad or a fellow self-partnered bestie.


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Galentine’s Day Outdoor Workout Date

If you’re confident to meet up, turn that catch-up session into an outdoor workout date! Cycle around parks and cities, play a competitive sport or meet your daily quota of 10,000 steps with a friend. Catch up in between or schedule a session right after to offset all the energy you burnt. Time flies when you’re having fun, right?


Outdoor Picnic

An outdoor picnic can be a great alternative for those who don’t want to spend Galentine’s Day sweaty and out of breath. Look for a place that has a garden or a public area open enough so that you can stay a few meters apart while you're munching and catching up. Bring all your favorite food and live out your cottagecore dreams for a couple of hours. Plus, it’s sure to look great in pictures.


Car Dates

Previously, Wonder talked about what a car ride can do for your relationship. The same thing goes for your friends. If you don’t mind getting together but fear interacting with the rest of the world, driving around with the squad won’t hurt. Have a little carpool karaoke on the way to your favorite joint. Order takeout and enjoy the fun in your own bubble—guaranteed safe from other outsiders, too. Plus, you have control over the music and the location. Just don’t forget to pitch in for gas!



Watch Parties

For those who want to keep it a strictly from-home Galentine’s celebration, a regular watch party won’t hurt. Instead, look for ways to spice it up and make it feel extra special. Treat it like an actual party or potluck by synching your food and drinks, and deciding on a watchlist beforehand. Then, take it up another notch by matching clothes or following a dress code—from costumes to color-coordinated tops, the possibilities are endless!


Virtual Game Night

Spark some friendly competition within the crew via a Virtual Game Night. After all, some of the best inside jokes happen in the heat of the moment. But the thing is, the moment is a high-tension game, and your friend with a super competitive streak is taking it way too seriously. Nonetheless, it’s bound to make you guys forget about the world for a moment and enjoy each other’s company. Try playing your favorite mobile games while drinking, or throw it back with a competitive game of virtual Uno.



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Got other ideas for a socially distant Galentine’s-slash-Valentine’s Day? Drop them in the comments below!



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