Genki Sushi: Take Your Picks & Keep ‘Em Coming

Genki Sushi: Take Your Picks & Keep ‘Em Coming

The only thing you’ll need to keep an eye on in Genki Sushi is your bill



My family and I took a trip to Japan around this time some years ago. One cold afternoon, we decided there was only one thing to accomplish: eat at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. We wanted to grab to our hearts’ desires, watch the plates stack up and walk out with our heads in the clouds and our hands on our stomachs. 


Our expectations were set—but they were not met. We chalked it up to quantity over quality; we figured you can’t win every battle. There’s a reason why the most prestigious sushi places only serve certain amounts of their dishes. 


But as much as it was an experience, it definitely set the bar at a pretty average level. 


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Then again, maybe we just went to the wrong place. Because as I found out, Genki Sushi delivers on both the experience and the flavor.


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So here’s the setup that will be waiting for you when you sit down: An iPad Touch ordering system and a Kousoku Express Train System—but all you really need to know is that you click around the iPad, pick your dishes (four at a time!) and wait for the train to deliver your non-liquid orders. It’s fast, efficient and easy to maneuver; you’ll be eating in 10 minutes or less. 


But what’s quick and easy if it doesn’t hit the spot, right? No one likes to feel stuffed without feeling satisfied. Based on experience, however, you don’t have to worry about that with Genki Sushi. The place definitely delivers on taste thanks in part to their fresh ingredients, and highly-trained chefs and kitchen staff. 


The restaurant runs smoothly, almost as if it’s running on tracks. Sorry, that joke had to be made.



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You might be able to tell from the photos, but in case you were too busy salivating, let us lay it out for you: there are choices upon choices to make when you look over the Genki Sushi menu. There are several appetizers, as well as options of maki mono, nigiri (seared and not), gunkan, temaki and sashimi. They even offer rice plates, noodles and side orders of tempura, kakiage, fried salmon skin, tuna balls and salmon belly.


There’s a lot to go through, literally pages of dishes to look at and get excited over. But we have our favorites and—if you’d like to take our word for it—give chances to the Spicy Salmon Gunkan, Seared Salmon With Black Pepper, Seared Creamy Garlic Scallops Tuna Balls With Teriyaki Sauce and the Salmon Cucumber Roll. You can even give the Japanese a little rest and opt for the Tuna Adobo rice plate. 


After all that, you can get on with the dessert. Suggest you go for the Rare Cheesecake, which is somehow both gelatinous and fluffy. We know it sounds strange, but it’s worth the plunge. If you aren’t into experimental dishes, there’s always the Matcha Duoble Fromage and Chocolate Mousse to fall back on.



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Genki Sushi is where quality and quantity meet to make both tongues and bellies happy. And if there’s any warning we have to give you, it’s this: take advantage of that bill button they have on the iPad—you’ll need it to keep yourself from getting click-happy. 


Genki Sushi has branches located BGC, Ortigas, Diliman, SM City North EDSA, Pasig and Manila Bay. But if you don’t want to drive around, you can still press a few buttons and get your orders—they’re available on Food Panda and Grab Food.



Photography John Albert San Juan

Art Alexandra Lara


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