Google Sheets Templates to Help You Get Your Life in Order


August 28, 2020
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A collection of all the spreadsheet templates you could need—all for free



Like many a liberal arts graduate, I’ve long fostered a natural aversion to Excel and Google sheets. Now, this isn’t to say that you can’t be a total whiz at formatting cells and figuring out formulas if you took up communication or something along those lines, because you absolutely can. But compared to the accounting aces and business buffs of the world, our mastery of spreadsheet apps is bound to be less formula-filled and hack-heavy. Our familiarity with Sheets and Excel is unlikely to match up to our skills in Microsoft Word or Keynote or Photoshop—and it’s not because we can’t manage to learn. It’s simply a consequence of the kind of work we do.


Case in point: my last job, where I was Fashion Associate for a print magazine, relied heavily on writing stories and styling photoshoots. My run-ins with spreadsheets therefore fell somewhere in between brief to nonexistent, something I didn’t realize until I put up a small business and took on a job under an online publication.


Working for an online magazine is still largely creative, but there’s definitely more of a corporate edge to what we do. We dip our toes into data analysis, SEO, marketing and sales partnerships—and there’s surprisingly plenty of tinkering with cells and sheets involved. We know for a fact that the task of creating sheets is more time-consuming than it looks, so we thought we’d do our fellow workers-from-home a solid.


Ahead, scroll for Google sheets templates for (almost) any task, campaign or project. Download them off the web or make a copy to tweak as needed. You’re welcome. Happy spreadsheeting!


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Google Sheets Templates to Help You Get Your Life in Order

Monthly calendar via Google


Daily schedule (download from Google)

Monthly calendar (download from Google)

Weekly calendar (download from Smartsheet)



Basic to-do list (download from Google)

Event planning checklist (download from

Grocery shopping list (download from


Budgeting & Expenses

Google Sheets Templates to Help You Get Your Life in Order

Company expense sheet via


50/30/20 budget sheet (download from Tiller HQ)

Balance sheet (download from Smartsheet

Company expenses (download from

Contractor cost estimate (download from

Household budget planner (download from Smartsheet)

Monthly budget (download from Google, Smartsheet)


Business & Management

Invoice template (download from Smartsheet)

Receipt template (download from Smartsheet)

Sales activity report (download from

Sales dashboard (download from Hubspot)

Supplier scorecard (download from Hubspot)

Vendor list (download from Hubspot)


Project Management

Google Sheets Templates to Help You Get Your Life in Order

Gantt chart calendar via Google


Gantt chart (download from Google

Product launch plan (download from Hubspot

Project overview (download from Smartsheet)

Product roadmap (download from Hubspot)

Project timelines (download from Google)


Social Media Management

Google Sheets Templates to Help You Get Your Life in Order

Social media content calendar via Medium


Analytics report (download via Hootsuite)

Content calendar (download via Hootsuite, Medium


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