8 Easy Halloween Costume Options For The Busy Adult

8 Easy Halloween Costume Options For The Busy Adult

From the glamorous to the humorous, we’ve got Halloween costume options for everyone



Halloween party or no party, trick-or-treating or no candy hunting, dressing up for this holiday is still a ritual we’re sticking to this spooky season. Sure, we won’t be out and about flaunting our a carefully crafted Halloween costume in real life, but doing it all for the ‘gram (and the e-numans) is totally worth it. 


But as we got older and busier, we had less time to prepare for this coveted holiday. So, we’ve probably even forgotten about it until the last minute. But don’t fret, dear busy adult—we’ve got you. Scroll along for costume ideas you can put together with items from your closet. You’re welcome.


A Student from Constance Billard-St. Jude

Gossip Girl



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Be one with the clique on the steps of the MET this Halloween. One of the best things about studying at Constance Billard-St. Jude’s is their very lenient dress code. All you need as a base is any light-colored button-down shirt and black or khaki dressy bottoms. For the rest of the ‘fit, go to town. Channel your inner Aki Menzies by replacing the button-down for a hoodie under the blazer or one-up Audrey Hope by layering on an oversized sweater, tights and boots.


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The 10th TWICE Member

I Can’t Stop Me Era



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The past few years, two-piece suit sets took over the fashion world. Make the most of this wardrobe staple by looking like TWICE’s tenth member, especially from their Eyes Wide Open era. Pair your ensembles with crisp, neutral-colored button-downs and chunky boots to easily recreate their looks. Don’t forget to amp up the glam factor and accessories, too! This is one costume option that lets you put your makeup and jewelry to good use. And if you’re really dedicated, learn some moves from the dance.


Our Wonder Factory 001 Release fits the bill. So if you’re looking for a costume that doubles as an investment, head over here. 😉


One of the Last Three Players

Squid Game



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If your suits collection leans heavily on the dark side, may we offer an alternative? Why don’t you play the part of Squid Game’s final contenders with a classic black suit and a DIY player number? You can then zhuzh it up by keeping the top buttons unbuttoned or only haphazardly tucked. After all, you’re still competing for the big prize to the death so you can ditch the neatness. Lastly, spread a bit of dark eyeshadow around your face to make yourself look more rugged and tired. We also recommend smearing a little bit of fake blood for that ~survivor~ factor.


P.S. Don’t forget the steak knife prop to top off your Halloween costume! It’s your only weapon to keep safe from traitors lurking around.


A Horror Movie’s Final Survivor

Halloween, the Saw franchise and more



This is where the costumes can get messier and messier. Be the Final Survivor of any horror movie of your choice. Bring out the casual clothes, the random defense weapon and loads of homemade fake blood. Whether you’re a classic Laurie Strode from Halloween or a survivor from the Saw franchise, the possibilities are endless. All you need to bring to the table is your costume and some acting skills to show that you can survive the last (and often painful) moments of the nightmare. 


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*That* Oprah Meme

From her exclusive with Meghan and Harry



Need an easy and funny but not entirely lazy Halloween costume to put together? Perhaps being a meme is the way. Embody Oprah Winfrey from her exclusive with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Layer a pink sweater or cardigan over a white collared shirt. Don any kind of clear eyewear and proceed to ask the question (yes, with the hand gestures), “Were you silent or silenced?” Half of the costume is your look, and the other part is acting it out like you deserve an Oscar. 


A Winking Agatha Harkness




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If your sweater and collared shirts come in a different variety, perhaps a winking Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) from Wandavision could be right up your alley. Pair a dark-colored sweater with a light polo shirt or collared shirt. And don’t forget her long necklace with a huge pendant to complete the look. At least this costume requires less effort from the acting department since all you need are exaggerated winking skills. Wink.


Adele on Instagram Live

Divorce, babe! Divorce!



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For a costume that you can only pull off if you’re in character, try being Adele during her first Instagram live. Let your hair down and wear that oversized, comfy black shirt. Accessorize with gold bracelets and maybe draw on some hand tattoos to nail the image. And if you’ve got furbabies that love to go off while you’re in a call, it’s high time to practice doing Adele’s “Oi!” so you can hush them while in character. 


Get the additional IG Live factor by shooting all your pics and vids vertically. If it’s a virtual Halloween party, dial into the call with your phone for the full effect—your livestream audience is the people in the call.


Regina George…’s Mom

Mean Girls



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Embody Mrs. George, AKA the only Cool Mom, this Halloween. All you need is a dark, floral blazer or blouse paired with a dress bottom. Think, a pencil skirt or some black pants. Put some extra effort into doing your hair for the flawless Beverly Hills mother waves to look the part. Lastly, get your groove on as you tape your daughter’s dance performance with a handy dandy video camera. Plus points if you dance along.


If you want the modernized version for this Halloween costume, check out Kris Jenner’s rendition of Mrs. George in Ariana Grande’s music video for thank u, next. Switch the floral getup for a matching tracksuit—preferably pink, but anything goes—then you’re all set!


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If you’re not too hot about dressing up over the weekend, binge watching horror movies scarier than 2021 might be another way to celebrate. Halloween costume or none, enjoy the holiday and Happy Halloween!



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