Hamilo Coast Is What I Want My Retirement To Look Like

Hamilo Coast Is What I Want My Retirement To Look Like

If I could paint a picture, it would look exactly like Hamilo Coast

Years ago, I had someone tell me they pitied me for not having a province of my own, for not having a place outside the city to return to in the summers and recharge. I understood it, but I didn’t agree. I loved the city and I could slow down in the comfort of my room. What were vacations for if not new places? What did I need a home-away-from-home for? What was the point?

Maybe it’s because I had the energy and eagerness of a fresh grad back then, but I don’t think I could react the same anymore. More and more, the idea of a space outside the metro that I can just keep visiting becomes more and more appealing. And as I inch through these working years and grovel my way into retirement, I can only imagine that this need will become stronger. 

So I know what I want my retirement to look like—and it looks a lot like Hamilo Coast.

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Hamilo Coast is located in Nasugbu, Batangas and is situated on 5,900 hectares of land. If you want the waters, the West Philippine Sea is literally at your fingertips and there are over 13 coves to get lost in. If you want a little more greenery, there are mountain ranges to explore, birds to come across and mangroves to see. And while it’s only a few hours away from the city, it certainly feels like an escape. 

But while it offers you the best of nature (and in sustainable fashion, too), it hasn’t forgotten the comforts of modern living. Bowling alleys, game areas and karaoke rooms are within reach from the hotel. And getting a condo means you have fully functioning kitchens, showers, air conditioners—and killer views.

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But what’s a pretty picture without a real experience? What’s a great view if it doesn’t give you peace, if it only gives you boredom? Even for the most introverted of us, boredom sometimes gets boring (I should know). Then again, there’s just too much within reach within Hamilo Coast to really get bored. It’s a place that knows how to slow down but gives you every opportunity to experience something new. 

Visit two coves in one weekend and close the night by the beach. Go surfing, go trekking, go scuba diving. Turn on the TV, listen to the waters crash against the sand—feel the sand between your toes. Eat to your heart’s content, whether through a boodle fight or in fine dining. Enjoy a little competition between friends, get a little solemnity as you watch the sunset against the glistening water. Get your sweat on in the courts and in the gym. Feel like you’re being blown away by the winds that visit.

The possibilities are endless—and that is exactly why Hamilo Coast is what I want my retirement to be like. It isn’t about settling down (at least, not exactly); it’s about having the freedom to explore and being able to at the drop of a hat. 

And I think that future is something worth investing in. 

Art Alexandra Lara

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