A Holiday-Ready Home with IKEA’s Smart Storage Solutions, Decor and More!

A Holiday-Ready Home with IKEA’s Smart Storage Solutions, Decor and More!

Embrace the true spirit of Christmas with IKEA



While this season is the most exciting time of the year, it can also turn into a whirlwind of activity and chaos. This holiday season, IKEA is all about highlighting the real spirit of Christmas—it's about making space for what truly warms our hearts and filling our homes with holiday magic!


Here’s everything IKEA has in store for us this holiday season!


A Holiday-Ready Home with IKEA’s Smart Storage Solutions, Decor and More!


The magic of reunions and gatherings

Filipinos are all about the festive Christmas spirit, and that means filling our homes with family, friends and cherished memories. Our living rooms need to be on point for that perfect holiday welcome, and here's where the VIMLE sofa series comes in—with its cozy and modular design, it's just what your home needs. Plus, it's got hidden storage to keep things tidy.


A Holiday-Ready Home with IKEA’s Smart Storage Solutions, Decor and More!


But the fun doesn't stop there! Check out the BESTÅ and KALLAX storage shelves for some serious organization. You can even turn them into festive displays for your Christmas decorations to really amp up the holiday vibe. And for all those little odds and ends, the KUGGIS storage boxes at IKEA are your go-to solution. They're durable, they're efficient, and they fit snugly inside BESTÅ furniture, making your holiday organization a breeze.


The magic of feasts

Prepare for a dining experience that'll make your holidays even more exciting! The dining area is where the magic of celebration happens, with guests flocking in for delightful feasts and refreshing moments. To enhance the cheerful ambiance, ensuring a tidy and organized dining space is essential. The EKEDALEN series from IKEA has your back with its versatile range of extendable tables, guaranteeing you'll have enough space to accommodate all your guests during those memorable meals.


A Holiday-Ready Home with IKEA’s Smart Storage Solutions, Decor and More!


And when you're gearing up for your grand Christmas banquet, IKEA 365+ is your go-to destination for affordable and functional kitchen and dining storage solutions. From kitchen utensils like knives, pots and casseroles to a variety of food containers in different shapes and sizes, you'll be well-equipped to prepare and store your holiday meals and leftovers hassle-free.


Plus, there's more to look forward to! At the Swedish Restaurant and Cafe, IKEA is serving up new holiday treats like Rosemary Chicken with organic elk pasta and broccoli, Leche Flan Latte and Pistachio Cake. If you're in search of fantastic holiday treats to bring home, keep an eye out for Christmas hampers filled with best-selling Swedish food items coming soon to the Swedish Food Market. It's all about making your holiday dining experience extra special this year!


The magic of Christmas sparks

Christmas is the time for pure holiday joy, and IKEA's VINTERFINT and STRÅLA collections are here to crank up the excitement. They've got a spectacular range of products decked out in festive red, green and white, capturing the very essence of the season. This collection boasts everything from Christmas trees and decorations to sparkling lamps, twinkling lights, dinnerware and even the baking must-haves. It's your one-stop shop for turning your space into a winter wonderland of festive fun!


A Holiday-Ready Home with IKEA’s Smart Storage Solutions, Decor and More!


The magic of endless gift ideas

Christmas is all about gift-giving, especially for the kids. If you're in search of fantastic children's gift ideas, IKEA has you covered with the AFTONSPARV collection. It's filled with astronaut and space-themed toys and bed linens that spark creativity and curiosity. For moms and kids, the UPPTÅG storage box with its hot air balloon design adds a cheerful touch to any room.


A Holiday-Ready Home with IKEA’s Smart Storage Solutions, Decor and More!


To fuel young artistic talents, the MÅLA series offers high-quality, kid-friendly art supplies for drawing and painting. For interactive fun, the LILLABO series provides wooden railway sets to boost motor skills and unleash creativity. And if kids love playing chef, the DUKTIG series offers realistic kitchen and cooking toys for learning and imaginative play.


The magic of savings

It's the ideal time to get your home decked out for the festive season without making a dent in your wallet. IKEA has the perfect items that will transform your space into a holiday wonderland with affordable, chic furniture and design options.


But wait, there's more! Get ready to rock around the Christmas tree while enjoying the thrill of savings with these fantastic discounts and offers. Score up to 20% off on KALLAX shelves and DRÖNA boxes from October 26 to November 12. Plus, get a whopping 50% off on truck delivery fees when you spend a minimum of P10,000 to any location in Luzon from October 5 to November 5.


It's time to make your Christmas budget-friendly and fabulous! Start your Christmas planning and shopping, visit IKEA Pasay City or shop online at



Words Fran Testa

Photos IKEA Philippines

Art Macky Arquilla

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