Horror Kissing Situations You Do Not Want To Be Caught In

Horror Kissing Situations You Do Not Want To Be Caught In

Because nothing ruins a date faster



There are very few people I know who do not remember what their first kiss was like. Ask anyone the question, and they’ll tell you who it was with, where it happened and what led up to the magical moment. Even as adults, most of us can better remember how someone kissed over how their cooking was, what car they drove or what haircut they had. 


The power of a kiss transcends decades, lovers and logic—which is exactly why we need to be mindful. After all, there are just some horror kissing situations we do not want to be on either end of. 



Ugh: You’ve had your mask on the whole day

It’s a pandemic world out there, and we are creatures of the new normal. No matter what activity you have going on, if you’re outside your home, you are wearing a mask. Imagine a day in the office or out running errands before your date, or the date itself starts with a roadtrip and it takes you hours to get to your destination. Imagine all the buildup that’s happening in your masked mouth before that incredibly important moment when you lean in for that kiss. 


Is it a good thought? 


Half-half: Surprise kisses

Sometimes getting kissed without the expectation of it is heartwarming and endearing, but sometimes it’s just downright unacceptable. When the kiss comes without consent, or even when you just aren’t prepared for it in that specific moment, it can ruin the entire date altogether. 


Nope: Garlic breath

Who doesn’t love garlic? While being on a date could be enough reason for us to look at other items on the menu, sometimes we just can’t help ourselves. But while it makes for a great accompaniment for most meals, it makes for a classic horror kissing situation.


Special mentions: onion, coffee, yogurt and alcohol.



Uh oh: Sloppy kisses

Some dates call for drinks, which is perfectly fine if you’re of legal drinking age and know how to hold your liquor. But sometimes the overwhelming feeling is a little delayed and—whoops—you’re a little lightheaded. And when you’re lightheaded, you can’t exactly control how intentional your kisses are. Yikes. 


Absolutely not: Morning kisses

Say the date went really well or you’re out of town with your significant other, everything is all well and good until you wake up with them looking at you and leaning in for that morning kiss. And while the kiss is great, the morning breath is not. 



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Kisses are important; I don’t need to convince you of that. So when the situation comes up and you want to be caught up in the moment, do not get caught red handed—or with bad breath. Because when you finally find someone that is worth pursuing, you can’t let something as trivial as smell get in the way of that. 



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