How To Cure A Hangover 101

How To Cure A Hangover 101

For those inevitable hangover moments



With bars essentially having returned to pre-pandemic levels, so has the next-day agony AKA the existentialist-inducing phenomenon known as the hangover. The first rule of the hangover is: we must be resigned to the fact that, sadly, there is no cure. Let’s not have false hope; there is only treatment. We must ride the agony out, own it, providing relief where and when we can. 


Therefore, as bar life again becomes a way of life for many, it would be wise to equip ourselves with the tools to cope with this inexplicable, self-inflicted pain. Though there may be a COVID vaccine there is no such equivalent for the morning-after hurt that succeeds a night of binge drinking and regrettable decisions (come on already, Pfizer!).



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In this guide, we give an expert step-by-step, DIY guide to surviving your hangover.



This may seem like common sense, but the first task that must be performed when you rise from your imperfect slumber is to jump in the shower. No matter how arduous a task getting out of bed may seem, or how dehydrated, half-drunk or wretched you may feel, a five to seven-minute warm shower will provide instant relief. Physically, you’ll feel somewhat refreshed and clean. Mentally and emotionally, a shower is almost like a symbolic ritual; you’re effectively washing away last night’s sins and misdemeanors—a physical and emotional cleanse.  



Have a litany of beverages (chilled, preferably) at your immediate disposal: water, water with Berocca, Gatorade, Pocari Sweat. First, down a large glass of water then periodically hydrate throughout the morning. This will balance your electrolytes and make you feel a bit more normal; a necessary step in your road to toxin-free sobriety. 



This is an obvious one. But a hangover without painkillers is like going to war without a weapon. As a general rule, always keep a supply at home. If not for morning-after crapulence, just for general wellness and first aid. I find Advil works most effectively when hungover; though everyone may have an individual preference. Pop one or two (max) with a large glass of water and in 45 five minutes, you’re bound to feel a difference.


Watch a movie 

In this state, you will need a distraction. Scour through Netflix and find something you’ve seen before but not for a while. We find atmospheric epics like The Lord of the Rings or Gladiator work best in this state. The fantasy and/or period elements provide the ideal escapism; almost transporting you to another world, one where you are hydrated and painless, and not hungover. 



Eat something

This is tricky. If you’re overly nauseous, then consuming food will have to wait a few hours (unless you self-induce regurgitation). Hangover hunger is a different beast satiated primarily by high-caloric and high-sodium grease bombs. A balanced diet is key to a healthy existence, but when thoroughly hungover, give yourself a pass. For us, nothing hits the spot like over ordering from one of the popular Chinese takeaways around the metro. Alternatively, it may also serve as an opportune time to make use of the errant can of Spam that’s been sitting in your pantry. 


Try to sleep during the day

This is a big one. Alcohol interferes with normal sleep patterns, so chances are you’ll be really tired the next day. No matter if the duration is 30 minutes or three hours, sleeping in the day after a night of drinking will significantly speed up the recovery process. Your body needs to restore itself, and sleep is a natural remedy. If you wake up with the sweats, that’s a good thing. The booze is departing your system. 


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We need to say it: drink responsibly. 



Words Art Vandelay 

Art Alexandra Lara

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