How To Nail Your Instagram Aesthetic

How To Nail Your Instagram Aesthetic

Because Instagram can serious business



Instagram has awakened the creative—not to mention entrepreneurial—side of many. But unlike other social media platforms ATM, to thrive on IG, you’re feed has to look good. But it’s not easy; just ask any Instagrammer and they’d tell you it takes a lot of work. Getting your ‘gram style on point takes time, planning and yes, a lot of curation and editing. But hey, if your IG is for your personal use only, don’t take it too seriously.


If you really just want to make something out of your Instagram and take it from good to #goals, here are some tips.


Find your aesthetic.

When people talk about you or your brand, the first thing they do is check you out on IG (or Facebook). So as IRL, it’s important to make a good and lasting impression. How? Find and settle on a common aesthetic that will weave all your photos together. What does your current feed look like? Are you drawn to bright, golden, moody, colorful or dreamy? Choose one and stick to it as having one allows you to post about anything—so long as it fits the vibe of your IG.


Edit and use filters.

Ever wonder how Instagrammers keep their feed looking consistent no matter what they post about? Edit consistently and limit yourself to a few filters to keep your feed tightly edited. Try Snapseed for basic editing and apps like A Color Story and VSCO Cam for filters. Remember to use a similar editing process so your photos look good individually and as a whole.


Pro-tip: Little time on your hands? Do as @kimkardashian once did and stick to one IG filter—in her case she used Aden to give her photos a purplish hue—to keep your feed cohesive.


How To Nail Your Instagram Aesthetic

Via @theforeseries

Have order.

A good feed has a variety of subjects that are evenly spaced out. Try not to post two of the same things in a row, instead experts suggest spacing out photo subjects by either one or three photos to avoid having two of the same shots on top of each other. To help you bring your feed together, check out how your photos will look in grid format before posting. You can use Latergramme’s IG Grid Preview to do this. Drag, drop and move photos around to see what works best.


Post photos that fit.

Aside from aesthetic and order, the kind and quality of photos you post are also of utmost importance. If you’re feed is bright and dreamy, posting a dark, evening photo will look out of place. And trust that no matter how much you edit, it just won’t work. While experts don’t recommend brands to risk it for one photo, if it’s your own personal feed, a concession here and
there should be okay.


Pro-tip: So you really want to post that photo? Try making it black and white and playing around with contrast and saturation to keep the flow. Still not working? Facebook it instead.


How To Nail Your Instagram Aesthetic

Via @virgilabloh

Plan ahead.

Serious ‘grammers plan their content ahead of time. It’s actually more efficient to dedicate days for shooting, editing and publishing photos throughout the week. Scheduling and doing so at optimal times not only saves you time but keeps your feed consistent and looking good.


Now, sit back and watch your Instagram grow.


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