Strike A Pose: 4 Personalities Who Teach You How To Pose

Strike A Pose: 4 Personalities Who Teach You How To Pose

Spice up your OOTDs and profile photo updates with their help and learn how to pose like a model



As smartphones continue to upgrade their features to include stellar cameras, it only seems natural that #OOTD photos are challenged to the next level. While we have our go-to selfie tips and the fallback of mirror selfies, full-body photos often leave us looking unflattering. Awkward hands, photos snapped mid-blink or just looking flat as hell—we’ve all had these problems before. After all, many of us aren’t gifted with the smize and poses the girls from America’s Next Top Model are. We got you covered with these content creators who will teach you how to pose like a model.


But thanks to these content creators, we won’t have to struggle choosing a decent picture out of a long list and coming up empty-handed. Ahead, we list down Instagrammers and TikTokers who teach you how to pose like a modelno Squid Game-esque challenge included (sorry, Tyra)!


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Influencers like David Suh will teach you how to pose like a model.


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For practical posing tips and a serotonin boost rolled into one account, check out LA-based photographer David Suh. From individual poses, couple poses to best #SquadGoals positions, David Suh gives tips on making your photos look more dynamic. Not to mention, he makes content that encourages camera-shy people. Encouraging and educational, all for the best images we deserve. Catch him on TikTok, too!


Lauren Chu

@lovelaurenchu How I Shoot My Own Pictures At Home 💫 (more inspo: lovelaurenchu) ☁️ #InstagramPhotoIdeas outfit from @revolve @majorelle_collection #revolveme ♬ you right sped up – xxtristanxo


The pandemic had us conduct solo photoshoots from small spaces, whether it’s for a sanity break or a much-needed profile photo update. If you only have your trusty timer and smartphone, posing and finding the best angle might be a struggle. Take notes from Lauren Chu, who tries out TikTok hacks and offers out-of-the-box ideas for spicing up your photos when you’re on your own. By simply maximizing the flash or using a random plastic bottle lying around, Lauren shows TikTok that you can get great photos while shooting yourself.


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Jessica Yang

@jesych 🤳✨ #posing101 ♬ High School – Nicki Minaj


Want to show off your turtleneck? Or don’t know where to place your hands when you pose for a beauty shot? Model Jessica Yang schools TikTok on various poses to help you look better in your photos. Her videos focus on posing with certain tops, using our hands and even phones as a prop or how to upgrade your poses while standing up.


Arthur Osin

@heysisthur Reply to @ihatrandlobe ngayon ko lang napansin na ang dumi pala ng salamin )); anywayss here u goo 😚 #fyp #pose ♬ alors on danse remix – Rachel Giraudo


We all get scared about moving too much while our friends take snaps of us, mainly because we know that we’ll end up with a bunch of blurry photos. But don’t rule it out entirely because movement can get you the best shots. Take a look at Arthur Osin’s profile, where movement and dynamics come together. If your camera person isn’t the most knowledgeable photographer, Arthur has some tips to get amazing results.



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Aside from these personalities, Laureen Uy and BJ Pascual show us their tried and tested poses for the camera. Got any other must-follow posing coaches in mind that give you ins on how to pose like a model? Let us know in the comments below!



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