A Look At The Huawei FreeLace Pro

A Look At The Huawei FreeLace Pro

Listen in (with the Huawei FreeLace Pro, obvs)

Headphones and earphones have always been a staple in everyday life. Way before the smartphone penetrated the market, we were already plugging them into CD players, walkmans and anything we could carry and played audio. But as with everything that has to do with technology, there have been major developments since then—the most recent and notable of which is unwired connection.

There are several options out there, but we’re here to talk about one: The Huawei FreeLace Pro.

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The Design

The Huawei Freelace Pro comes in Graphite Black, Spruce Green and Dawn White—so pick your poison and settle down. The tech accessory features a flexible and skin-friendly memory metal neckband to ensure day-long wearability and weighs just 43g. It also has stable ergonomic tri-hold earbuds and arrives with three different sizes for the fitted earphone tips. So whatever size you’re sporting naturally, you can make it fit.


Talking About Those Specs

The Huawei FreeLace Pro boasts dual-mic active noise cancellation (ANC), which means that it cancels out-of-ear ambient noises, as well as in-ear residual noise. So it’s pure music (or hey, conversation) whenever used. All this said, if you’re the kind to prefer a mix of your audio and environment sound, it does have an Awareness Mode, which mixes both together.

In terms of audio quality, the unit uses 14.2mm large dynamic driver units, superior Aluminum-magnesium alloy diaphragm and independent bass tube, which all work together to assure high-quality sound. Besides, the 150mAh battery makes the device viable for use for 24 hours of playback without ANC, 16 hours with ANC and 11 hours of talk time on as single full charge.

And Then: Use Logistics

First up: connection. If you’re using a device with a USB-C port, connecting is as easy as plugging in the Huawei FreeLace Pro directly to your phone. But if this option isn’t available, it’s just a matter of turning on the earbuds so your other device can discover it. Easy peasy all around.

After that first time, connection is automatic. And you can easily connect to multiple devices because switching to a previously connected device is doable by double pressing the power button. Another thing: when you’re done with the device, you just need to put the earbuds together (they’re magnetic) to automatically disconnect.

And for everything else you need to control is right within reach:

  • Power button
    • Two-second hold: On and off
    • Four-second hold: Bluetooth pairing
    • Double pressing: Switch to previous device
  • Function button
    • Two-second hold: activate voice assistant or reject call
    • Single click: play or pause music, answer or end call
    • Double click: next song
    • Triple click: previous song
  • Left earbud
    • Two-second hold: switch from clear mode and ANC mode


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Does the Huawei FreeLace Pro feature everything we’re looking for in wireless listening? It definitely sounds like it.

(Pseudo pun intended.)

You can purchase the Huawei FreeLace Pro for P4,499 right here.

Art Alexandra Lara


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