Unboxing The Huawei Nova 5T, the Brand’s Stellar New Smartphone

Unboxing The Huawei Nova 5T, the Brand’s Stellar New Smartphone

Chic design, fun features and made for everyone

These days, when it comes to our gadgets, we look for a piece of technology that can do it all. Blame it on our always-on culture propagated by either the Internet or the legitimate fear of missing out (because who isn’t online anyway?). So it doesn’t seem value-for-time-and-money to have separate gadgets to fulfill our many, many needs. Enter: the Huawei Nova 5T, Huawei’s stellar new smartphone that claims to be the all-in-one phone for everyone. But for the tech-savvy, it’s not enough to just have it all; it needs to deliver quality on all fronts.


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Best paired with the Huawei Moonlight Selfie Stick. Sold separately

The Nova 5T boasts a number of features, from ultra-wide angle photography to kickass cameras and technology that allows high-performance whether for multi-tasking or serious gaming. But don’t worry, we won’t bore you with tech jargon even we don’t understand. Instead, we let you in on our Huawei Nova 5T experience to see if it truly lives up to its claim.

First things first

We spoke to a couple of people to ask what their top-tier considerations are before buying a phone. First is brand, second is price and both coming in at third are memory and camera. And while we’re all loyal to our chosen brands, in the event we’d need to replace, upgrade or add because some of us prefer to have a separate work phone, value-for-money and features are gamechangers. Of the five people we’ve asked, a really good camera might just change their mind, which leads to our next point…

Pics or it didn’t happen

The Nova 5T features five 48MP AI cameras (or artificial intelligence cameras; basically means it automatically enhances photos for you) designed to capture selfies, places, moments, etc. in any scenario. We particularly love the rear camera’s ability to take clear and crisp photos during the day, and lit photos at night:

Unboxing The Huawei Nova 5T, the Brand’s Stellar New Smartphone


Photo taken from inside the office, unedited
Unboxing The Huawei Nova 5T, the Brand’s Stellar New Smartphone


Photo taken from inside the office at night, unedited

The list of specs also mention a 16MP (megapixel) super wide angle camera, which just in case you want to know, isn’t a metric for image quality and actually refers to the wider canvas you can stretch an image on. So if you’re a landscape photography hobbyist, you can go really wide with the Nova 5T. Just not sure about the resulting images though as we weren’t able to test this one out personally.

Meanwhile its video capability with electronic image stabilization, works like a dream. It was smooth and steady as it was in the demo video we’ve seen.

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Can be played at the same time on desktop to better see the difference

Let’s talk selfies and the fact that it’s hard for some people to take one (or is it just me?). The Nova 5T boasts a 32MP AI front camera that takes clear, bright selfies with balanced exposure in case you’re shooting against the light. It also has beautification features that might make it easier for the selfie-averse or when you want to enhance those pics because who doesn’t? Besides, it’s not cosmetic surgery; it just makes you look like you had eight hours of sleep instead of five or six. 

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The star power is real

With its sleek design, 6.26-inch wide LCD screen and glass material, the Huawei Nova 5T is easy on the eyes and to the touch. But what makes it a sight to behold is the 3D holographic design, which is available in three colors: Midsummer Purple, Crush Blue and Black.

But what’s pretty if it doesn’t perform, amirite? Thankfully, the Nova 5T is made with flagship specs that ensures high quality and smooth-as-butter performance. It comes preloaded with Google’s apps and services that run fast and without a glitch. Meanwhile, for either the serious gamer or the mom that lends her phone to her pre-schooler, games like PUBG and Bubble Shooter, respectively, run smoothly—yes, even in full-screen mode for the former. 

Battery life is decent, too, and has lasted us two days with moderate use (read: texting, social media, taking photos and videos, minimal game time). 

Display 6.26” LCD 2340 x 1080


Punch Hole Camera

Chipset Kirin 980
Front camera 32M f/2.0 Punch
Rear camera 48MP + 16MP(wide)
Battery 3750mAh

Overall, the Huawei Nova 5T met expectations (exceeded in some, like for photos and videos). So if you’re looking for a smartphone that has the usual flagship model features, really good cameras and with a price tag of P18,990, this might just be the all-in-one for phone you. 

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The Huawei Nova 5T retails for P18,990 and is available in authorized resellers nationwide, and Lazada.

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