If You Like This, Then You’ll Like This

If You Like This, Then You’ll Like This

If a=b, then b=a


Children’s minds are really simple. Once they associate “yummy” with one thing, they’ll like everything that comes close to it—and it goes the same way for anything they deem “disgusting” or “gross.” And while we may consider ourselves mature at this point, that same property of symmetry (that’s if a=b, then b=a) still holds true.


Want to take this theory out for a spin?


If you like Pancake House Pan Chicken, you’ll like Mini Stop Chicken

 if-you-like-this-pancake  if-you-like-this-ministop
Image via Instagram/PancakeHousePH Image via Instagram/AkaMauricio


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Pancake House Pan Chicken (dark meat only, two-pieces please!) is crispy, juicy and has a hint of calamansi in the gravy. It’s priced relatively well compared to the rest of the menu options, so it’s easy to understand why it’s a favorite. But if you’re feeling in a rush and pass along a Mini Stop (because, come on, they’re everywhere), their Chicken Meal will satisfy you just as well. But you will have to substitute that calamansi for pepper.


If you like Manam Sisig, then you’ll like Rada Sisig

 if-you-like-this-manam  if-you-like-this-rada
Image via Instagram/ManamPH Image via Instagram/weezarding


Deciding to eat in Manam is a legitimate commitment because the lines at dinner and lunch hours are always incredibly long. If you want their House Crispy Sisig, you’re going to have to wait for it—but ohh is it worth it. One that comes close (and what some argue is even better), is the sisig from a humble jollyjeep on Rada Street in Makati (in front of the 7/11 and Chinabank). Personally don’t like it with the mayo, but if sweet is your thing, add it in to the sisig and egg mix.


If you like Mang Inasal’s Sulit Meals, then you’ll like El Pollo Loco’s Fire Grilled Chicken

 if-you-like-this-manginasal  if-you-like-this-elpollo
Image via Instagram/IAmMangInasal Image via Instagram/ElPolloLoco

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Every Pinoy knows the taste of Mang Inasal chicken, it’s everyone’s guilty pleasure and cheap-lunch-go-to. It’s satisfying and it’s messy and you can’t help but get every inch of meat off the bone (unless you’re weird and prefer the breast). El Pollo Loco’s Fire Grilled Chicken gives you that same level of happiness, but is a little heightened with the arguably “upper-level” sauces that they offer: Gravy, chili and the cannot-miss chimuchurri!


If you liked IL Ponticello, then you’ll like Belle and Dragon

 if-you-like-this-ponti  if-you-like-this-belleanddragon
Image via Zomato Image via Instagram/TheBelleandDragon


Once upon a time, Ponti was the place to drink, see and be seen. Bodies moved, drinks were spilled and we enjoyed the freedom of finally not having a curfew to follow. But alas, as all things must come to an end, IL Ponticello closed its doors and made way for some restaurant. For those of us that still want that same feel and that same crowd with slightly better drinks and ambiance, there is now Belle and Dragon, situated at Makati’s C. Palanca.


If you like Cable Car, then you’ll like Versus Barcade

 if-you-like-this-cablecar  if-you-like-this-versusbarcade
Image via Instagram/CableCarPH Image via Instagran/VersusBarcade


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When you walk into Cable Car, there’s an air of competition that hits you almost as quickly as the aroma of beer does. The bar built its name on top of beer pong tables and flying ping pong balls and while you’ll likely find a branch that’s never too far from work, it can get a little old—especially for those of us that just haven’t acquired the taste for beer. For a more nostalgic high (and a wider selection of drinks), the new Versus Barcade offers an alternative that can’t be missed. The place is decorated with old arcade games that will bring you back to younger days spent in Time Zone. And because we can enjoy tasty cocktails and yummy bar chow at the same time, we all leave winners (even when we suck at the games).


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Math says that every time a=b, then b=a. And people say you can’t use math in real life…


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