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Spruce up Your Home With Minimalist Items From IKEA Philippines Below P1000


January 25, 2022
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Here are quality, budget-friendly pieces from IKEA Philippines to give your space an instant makeover



In one episode of the latest season of Queer Eye, the Fab Five’s resident interior designer, Bobby Berk, shares, “The chaos around you puts chaos in your mind.” And with the new year upon us, it’s time to trade unnecessary clutter in our homes and make space for sturdy, functional and budget-friendly items. Working from home seems to be a reality for most of us for an extended period of time, too. Why not spruce up your living area with must-have items from IKEA Philippines? 

The Swedish home furnishing brand’s bound to take over Filipino homes with quality pieces for every budget. Start with the basics! Here are some affordable items to add to your home for an instant makeover. Did we mention that everything’s below P1000? 


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Need small, compact storage solutions for your itemsbooks, collectibles, even your beauty products? The sturdy shelf unit and tray table add shelf space to your room so that you can easily organize and store items of all sizes. The tray table (available in black, dark gray-beige, pink and white) is handy for serving snacks, too!

ikea philippines

LERBERG Shelf Unit (P990)

ikea philippines

GLADOM Tray Table (P990)

Light and easy to move around, the convenient HORNOVAN Cart and LENNART Drawer Unit offer additional storage solutions items at an unbeatable price. Use by your bedside or even in your living room!

ikea philippines

HORNAVAN Cart (P790)

ikea philippines

LENNART Drawer Unit (P990)

The wire basket (available in pale blue, orange and white) is perfect for storing fresh fruits and vegetables in the kitchen. The steel mesh ventilates so food stays fresh longer. It’s also handy as extra storage in the hallway, bedroom or home office. The handmade, natural basket made from jute, on the other hand, is great for storing clothes or accessories you want to easily move from one place to another.

RISATORP Wire Basket (P390)

DOJTÅTAR Basket (P790)

Upgrade your vanity space with a classic mirror made with magnifying mirror glass. Check out your hair from all angles and get a close-up view when putting on makeup or applying skincare. It’s an indispensable tool to help you prepare for the day ahead!

LASSBYN Table Mirror (P590)

FRÄCK Mirror (P590)


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Declutter those smaller items like your beauty products and jewelry with drawers and boxes to help keep your space organized. They look extra pretty on your feed, too!

GODMORGON Mini Chest (P550)

GODMORGON Box with Lid (P550)

Nothing like a good lamp to set the mood for your work from home setup. The SVALLET Work Lap, made with recycled plastics, has even received an international design award! It provides a functional directed light, not to mention it’s easy to match with your home’s sleek interior.

SVALLET Work Lamp (P200)

TOKABO Table Lamp (P590)


Entertain guests with classic, elegant dinnerware that will make you feel nostalgic. Inspired by yesterday’s traditional glassware, recreate memories from your childhood in your own home with the SÄLLSKAPLIG series.

SÄLLSKAPLIG Clear Plate (P390/4 pack)

PASSERAD Double Wall Glass (P390/2 pack)

The HÅLLBAR series helps you sort different materials into different bins, giving waste a new life. These sturdy wastepaper bins are must-haves for your work space!

ikea philippines

HÅLLBAR Bin with Lid (P290)

ikea philippines

DRÖNJÖNS Wastepaper Basket (P190)


From watering cans to plant pots, IKEA is brimming with items for all the Plantitas and Plantitos out there cultivating their green thumb. Use these functional and beautifully designed items indoor or outdoors!

ikea philippines

VATTENKRASSE Watering Can (P590)

ikea philippines

GRADVIS Plant Pot (P290)



Need more ideas to spruce up your space for the year ahead? There’s more where that came from! For starters, here’s how to set up your home office



Product Photos IKEA Philippines

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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