Ending My Slow Burn Romance with the Instax mini Link 2

Ending My Slow Burn Romance with the Instax mini Link 2

Finally got my happy ending with the Instax mini Link 2



My relationship with Instax devices can only be described as a “slow burn.” At 14, when I was deep in the trenches of Tumblr and loved the aesthetic of anything vintage and analog, I pined for an Instax camera. I dreamed of filling up my wall (much to my mom’s horror because it would ruin the paint) with tons of memories, just like my friends. But as fate would have it, I couldn’t get my hands on a camera. Instead, I settled with borrowing from friends or marching to the Fujifilm Wonder Photo Shop branch near my college campus.


The opportunity to take the Instax mini Link 2 for a test drive fell on my lap at an age when I needed to heal my inner teenager. Finally, after years and years of pushing back my plans of getting a camera or a smartphone printer, the world decided for me. And thus began the end of my slow burn romance with Instax devices, thanks to the mini Link 2. Let me elaborate on why the wait was worth it.



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Getting Reacquainted with the Instax mini Link 2

The mini Link 2 retails for P 7,299 and comes in three colors: Soft Pink, Clay White and Space Blue. In the specs and features department, I can only say that it has multitudes. The number of functions can get overwhelming, but it proves that it’s more than your typical smartphone Instax printer. Then, of course, the usual Print Mode provides easy and continuous printing in a jiffy. All you need to do is to look for a photo or video you want to print out. It also has a social media sharing function, allowing you to frame your selected photos in a dedicated Instax-like border for the #aesthetic. 


Aside from taking and capturing things at the moment, the Instax mini Link 2 pushes you to give to your loved ones, too. To print a copy of your most recent photo, just turn the printer upside down and press the button in the middle. But perhaps one of my favorite things about this device is that users can now adjust the prints between instax-Natural Mode or instax-Rich Mode. The main difference is that Rich Mode prints your photos in richer colors, while Natural Mode retains the faded, somewhat retro touch of Instax cameras. If you’re not fond of Instax’s knack for brightening every photo that would push you to edit before printing, this feature makes it a champ.



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My 20-Something First Prints

We often use Instax printers upright, so when you change the printer’s orientation by laying it on its back, you immediately switch to Fun Mode AKA the part where the fun begins. In Fun Mode, the Instax mini Link 2 transforms into a camera and a remote. For an exciting way of customizing your photos, the instaxAIR feature lets you draw on your photo using the printer or your phone. You can choose from five brushes: Bubbles, Sparkles, Neon Brush, Petals and Spray Paint. If you want to catch the magic of drawing via video, Instax can print out a snapshot with a QR code that leads to the video itself.


Other features in Fun Mode are the following:



What It Looks Like

instaxAIR: Draw on your photos in real-time before printing.


(A shot of my shots from my demo session with the Instax team!)

Match Test: Check your compatibility with a friend and see the results appear on your print.


I tried this out with a friend—it turns out we just liked picking colors, and we framed it wrong. But trust me, we’re very, very close.

Frame Print: Zhuzh up your snapshot with a preset frame.


A few snaps from my recent Baguio trip—the “Hello” looks more natural in the photo. Took a chance on Fujifilm’s newest limited-edition SPRAY ART film pack for this too. A colorful touch, if I may say!

Sketch, edit and print: Import some scribbles, doodles, text and drawings into the app to add more design to your print.


Another snap from my Baguio trip! They’re supposed to be sparkles, but I’m not really an ~artiste~


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The Verdict: The Slow Burn Was Worth It

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Instax mini Link 2. Creativity is always in the air when you bring it around, offering endless possibilities and opportunities to take snapshots to the next level. But of course, devices aren’t always made perfect. The Instax mini Link 2 also has cons, such as the battery power it consumes to deliver. Of course, the printer is rechargeable with a USB-C port and can supposedly last for four film packs or 40 prints. But expect it to run low four to five hours after playing with the Fun Mode features.


In all honesty, my previous reservations in purchasing an Instax device came down to practicality. A camera felt quite limiting, while the previous printers weren’t packed with enough features to appeal to me. But the Instax mini Link 2 gave me all the reasons why it’s worth the purchase, especially with a friendly price point of P7,299. It can come with me for spontaneous shots while it serves as a handy sidekick for remembering things by. From simple prints to zhuzhing up precious memories, the Instax mini Link 2 is the smartphone printer you should consider getting.


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Starting today, Take and give memories to your loved ones with the Instax mini Link 2 for P7, 299. Meanwhile, the limited-edition SPRAY ART Instax mini glossy film pack retails for P400. Shop the brand’s newest instant film printer from authorized Fujifilm dealers nationwide or online through their flagship stores on Shopee and Lazada. Each purchase of the Instax mini Link 2 comes with a free pack of Instax mini glossy film (10 snaps). 



Art Pis Trinidad


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