Cocktails, Coffee & Conversations: Int Bar Is Everything You Need It To Be


May 5, 2022
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INT. Bar / EXT. Cafe is the perfect location to romanticize your day-to-night



Life sure isn’t a movie, but at INT. bar / EXT. cafe, it can certainly seem like one.


There’s a TikTok audio of Emma Chamberlain that goes: “You need to put your headphones in, and go for a walk, and get a coffee, and feel like, you know, you’re in a fucking movie. Like you need to do that corny shit.”


And you know what? Maybe she’s right. In the drudgery of the every day filled with drafts, deadlines and deliverables to be accomplished, it’s the little things that keep us going. Fortunately, romance isn’t only reserved for the movies. Sure, there’s a deadline due on Friday, but what’s stopping you from getting your favorite cup of coffee to accompany you while you do your tasks, and then going out for Saturday night drinks to celebrate the week’s completion? 


2022’s our main character year, and we’re gonna romanticize the little moments of our lives like scenes from a movie. 


Speaking of cinema: inspired by the screenplay format, INT. bar / EXT. cafe in Cubao X is the perfect place to romanticize your life from day to night.


Get your caffeine fix at EXT. cafe and wind down for drinks at night inside INT. bar


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During the day, EXT. Cafe serves as a perfect backdrop for you to bulldoze through those meetings and assignments. For the protagonist’s drink of choice, choose among their selection of coffee, from the classic espresso (P90) to the TikTok-inspired favorite, Coffee & Orange (P180).


Got a lunch date with co-workers? Treat yourselves to EXT. Cafe’s variety of pastas (start at P250), sandwiches (start at P150) and rice bowls (start at P250). 


We all know that the real fun begins at night, and the same goes for INT. Bar, a quintessential speakeasy. The directions are simple: look for the photobooth at Cubao Expo. The bright red curtain you can’t miss leads to a fully functioning photobooth (!!!) and further down into the bar itself.


Cocktails, Coffee & Conversations: Int Bar Is Everything You Need It To Be

Look for the photobooth at Cubao Expo. You’ll know it when you see it.


Wind down after a long week with EXT. Cafe’s signature cocktails, named after the best films, bands and artists, no less. 


The Tenenbaums (P250) is a homage to Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums, resulting in a drink that’s a perfect balance of eccentric and elegant. 


Cocktails, Coffee & Conversations: Int Bar Is Everything You Need It To Be

A Toast to Hemingway

Cocktails, Coffee & Conversations: Int Bar Is Everything You Need It To Be

Cigarettes After Sex


A Toast to Hemingway is a twist to the writer’s go-to gin and tonic, inspired by a recipe in his novel Islands in the Stream.


Meanwhile, Say Anything encapsulates the 1989 film’s youthful guile, with INT. Bar’s interpretation being an elevated amaretto sour.


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Scouting locations for your main character arc? Consider adding INT. Bar / EXT. Cafe to your list.


INT. Bar / EXT. Cafe is located at Cubao Expo, Gen. Romulo Ave. Cubao. Message 0917 853 3726 for inquiries and reservations.


Find INT. Bar / EXT. Cafe online at @intbar.extcafe on Instagram and Int.Bar on Facebook



Photos INT. Bar 

Words Gwyneth King

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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