Find Your Paw-fect Match This International Dog Day

Find Your Paw-fect Match This International Dog Day

How to make people pay attention to your Bumble profile? Include your furry friend!



Trust us: dogs are not only a hooman’s best friend, but can also be the best wingmate. Having one’s canine buddy by their side can help people find like-minded connections. Being a furry parent is a major green flag for dog lovers out there, and there’s no better day to find your paw-fect match than this International Dog Day!


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During the last two years as people isolated themselves at home, research has shown that for pet owners, pets provided much-needed emotional support, reduced loneliness and had an overall positive impact on their health. It isn’t surprising that by the end of 2020, there were approximately 11.6 million dog owners in the Philippines. But did you know that more than just providing you with much needed companionship, pets can also play an important role in your dating life?


Bumble, the women-first dating and social networking app, shows that “Dogs” is one of the most popular interest badges on Bumble in the Philippines. It’s also the fourth most used badge used by Gen Z and Millennial women daters on Bumble in the country.



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Research conducted by Bumble earlier this month found that 42% of single Filipinos agree that they are more likely to connect with someone on a dating app if they have a cute picture of a dog, with one in three also believing that dating someone who doesn’t like dogs is a deal-breaker.


If you’ve ever used a photo with a friend's pet in your profile in the hopes of getting more attention, you’re not alone. One quarter of Filipinos surveyed have been guilty of putting someone else’s dog in their dating profile to get more matches, with nearly half of the respondents agreeing that people who have a cute profile picture with a dog have a higher chance of being a good partner.


Here some some fun tips to date on Bumble this International Dog Day:


  1. Own a pet? Use the badge: Let your potential matches on Bumble know that you own or want to own a dog by adding the “Dog” Interest badge on your profile. If you’re an avid animal lover, you can go a step further and add other pet interest badges of your choice! You can look forward to conversations flowing more easily if the person you find attractive also likes or owns the same pet as you do.
  2. Take a new profile photo with your dog: To showcase how much of a dog lover you are, you can upload a photo of yourself with your fur baby. Of course, if you decide to, you can also show off your friend’s dog instead, just be honest with your matches from the get-go about whether you want, or own a dog.
  3. Propose dog-friendly date ideas: Nothing makes a paw-rent happier than having their dogs with them when they’re out and about, and this includes dates! If going to the dog park isn’t an ideal date scenario, suggest bringing your dog to pet-friendly cafés, a nice walking trail in the morning  or an evening stroll followed by a picnic at the beach.


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August 26 marks International Dog Day, which makes it the perfect time to ask your fellow animal lover out on a date on Bumble!



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