Yes, You Can Make A Real Estate Investment In Your 20s. Here’s How

Yes, You Can Make A Real Estate Investment In Your 20s. Here’s How

Do we dare take the plunge?



Of all the stereotypes that have been thrown in the direction of our (if you're a millennial) generation, one that makes me laugh is this: we buy iced coffee every single day, but we can’t afford to buy real estate. I know this is a load of crap because 1) I have friends who actually have made a real estate investment in their 20s, 2) the rest of us just aren’t paid enough and 3) leave my iced coffee alone.


But, fellow millennials, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am not, unfortunately, here to talk about how you can make money—I’m here to talk about a website that can give us the real estate information we never got from school. At least we’ll be fully informed when we’re financially ready; it’s all about minimizing unnecessary risks, you know?


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Corporately speaking, PropertyAccess is a “real estate digital company in Asia that provides users with real estate multi-listings, intelligent data and analysis.” For us laypeople, the important thing to remember is that it isn’t simply a hodgepodge of listings; there’s information to be gathered as well. Plus, it’s easy to navigate—whether you’re a property owner looking to sell or rent, a broker or an agent or someone in the market looking to buy or lease. 


The goal is to make the entire process, end to end, easier for everyone.



The first thing you’ll notice on the site is that you’ll have to choose between buying or renting—and then a whole slew of other options can be ticked. What amount of space are you looking at, what’s your budget range? Do you need laundry service, an equipped kitchen, a gym? Tick, tick, tick and let the website do the looking. 


When you think you’ve found the one, you can easily contact the owner, broker or agent assigned to the property directly on the site. And while you’ll be provided with comprehensive details, you can always ask for more. So if you have any questions, issues or negotiations to make, go right ahead without fear that you’re giving out too many of your details.





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And in case you’re in the business as a career, PropertyAccess is a great tool of work, too. For a small fee—we’re talking P999 a month—property owners, agents and brokers can get access to the entire library of properties and post as many listings as they want. And the best part? The commission fee isn’t shared. 


It’s a win-win-win. 



Art Alexandra Lara

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