Experience 3D Sound With JBL’s Soundbar Series

Experience 3D Sound With JBL’s Soundbar Series

Made for those with an ear for quality



Audiophile or looking to upgrade your home theater experience? JBL’s got you. Fill your home with immersive sound that makes you feel like you're part of the movie or watching a concert—live. 


Sleek, functional and feature-packed, JBL’s new soundbar series is designed for those with an ear for quality, including dancers, digital creators, film buffs, gamers and more. The lineup is made up of five new models, each with its own curated components for the perfect sound just for you: the JBL Bar 1300, JBL Bar 1000, JBL Bar 800, JBL Bar 500 and JBL Bar 300.



  1. JBL Bar 1300: the ultimate 3D surround experience complete with high-tech features that create bold, powerful sound and transports you to a whole new world
  2. JBL Bar 1000: the ultimate audio essential that lets you experience movies, music and games with sound that puts you right in the middle of the action
  3. JBL Bar 800: offers a 3D cinematic experience with a simple setup
  4. JBL 500: reveals amazing 3D sound with thrilling bass
  5. JBL 300: an easy-to-setup, all-in-one soundbar with extraordinary sound packaged in a sleek compact design


What better way to unveil these new products than through an equally immersive event that allowed guests to experience 3D sound themselves? JBL also brought together an expert panel who were able to test the soundbars themselves. These professionals, including artist and event director Raymond Lauchengco, music producer Jumbo de Belen and architect Gel Cabantac Cases, have a thorough understanding of what it takes to produce an outstanding audio experience. Each one of them brings a unique perspective, making them the perfect candidates to put the JBL sound bars to the test.


Jumbo de Belen attested to JBL’s ability to bring movie-theater audio quality at home, “As a producer, I’ve been working on spatial mixes so it’s an experience that you only get to have in the cinema. [With JBL,] it’s readily available in your homes right now.”



What does that mean exactly? No intrusive background noise, audio distortions and incomprehensible dialogues. JBL’s innovative range of soundbars have built-in Dolby Atmos® technology for that immersive, 3D surround sound. These soundbars also have Purevoice technology—a voice enhancement feature that optimizes voice clarity for crystal clear dialogue even when loud sound effects take over (so you can turn off the subtitles). You can also personalize the sound through the JBL One App, which lets you control your speakers, and can easily connect to your favorite streaming apps, like Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Apple Music, AirPlay 2, Alexa MRM and Chromecast built-in™.



It’s quite an investment but if you #DareToElevate your audio experience, check out the new JBL Soundbar Series. Stay tuned for updates and announcements on JBL Philippines’ social media pages: /JBLPhilippines on Facebook, @JBLPH on Instagram, @JBLPH on Twitter and @JBLPH_official on TikTok.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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